Sunday, April 28, 2013

Enter Spring/Summer Term

Here at the Grandela household, it is craziness!

Poor Hubby thought he would have more time....he has unfortunately been so mistaken.

Because, 5 out of the 7 days, he has to get to work before 6 am. And then he works 2 overnights.

Not to mention he is taking 6 credits--but 4 classes--since BOTH his classes have labs.

And he got called as 1st councilor in the Elders Quorum presidency!

Hubby is busssssssssy.

I see him, but not as often as I'd like--but at least we have our weekends.

My schedule is crazy too--but I've gotten used to it.

I work full-time (and usually 10+ hours since there's so much to do), class at night twice a week, and as many gym classes that I can fit in :)

But we are gearing up for our AWESOME vacation in July! Where all our hard work will pay off! :)

We work hard, and play hard here.

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