Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry kunishmas...

I love the holidays. I can't wait to have my mini Christmas with Carlos and leave for va tomorrow!! Excited doesn't begin to cover it.

Carlos began our holiday weekend by bringing me flowers at work. I was so embarrassed but so excited. I love when he brings me flowers. :)

We then went to Bombay house and got delicious Indian food. Then, I got this awesome groupon where we could go ice skating for cheeeeeep! CheAp I say! Carlos had never been--ever--so we had a blast. He never fell once! We didn't stay long because we had to go see the lights at temple square!

They were so beautiful but it was so
Cold! I guess I didnt bundle up like I should. Have...ooops. It was so fun to sit and enjoy the holidays with my love. :)

Family time was fun. I got to see the cousins and Carlos got to go to Christmas eve dinner with my moms side of the family. It was great. So much yummy food. My family is now accepting that Carlos and I are pretty serious--just wish he'd hurry up already. Hahah. O well...

I felt like a certified adult with my gifts. I mostly got clothes, which was fun--I guess. :p it was fun to be with the siblings because who knows where élan will be next year!!!

Packing for the trip to va. Can't believe it. Hope it's great--I'm sure it will be! I'm with Carlos!

Carlos and I had our own mini Christmas. I got him a recipe book for all of our recipes, a gift certificate for archery lessons (totally bad a--I know) and a USB thingy for his car. :) my family even got him a cashmere sweater and a puzzle :) I got a cookbook (yum) and a zombie book! I think Carlos is telling me I need to read more...

I was more excited to give gifts this year than receive them--which probably means I'm an oldie! O well..

Here's to a new year--let's see what this one will bring!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday lights and Reception Nights

I had the most wonderful evening with my Carlos. We first went to one of my best friend's wedding reception. She is a childhood friend that I have known since I was probably 8 years old. So we've known each other for good lil while now. It was so strange to finally realize how grown up I am becoming. Friends getting married, graduating, what's next, babies in a baby carriage. :P

After the wedding reception, I begged Carlos to take me to the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point. :) It is on my holiday bucket list after all. Let me tell you, that was the most fun that we've had in like, a day. We've been having some fun times. Last night, we went holiday shopping and then we made some nummy enchiladas. :) Bring on the holidays. 

We went a little mental while waiting to see the lights. Mental meaning, I was opening the car door, and Carlos was slamming on the breaks kind of mental. We probably laughed the whole time we were in there, and people thought we were annoying, but w. 
While we were waiting we took some daaang good pics. Aren't we the hottest thing that you've ever seen? 
This one cracks me up. Yeah, this is us, in a nutshell. 
Yay for the holidays. Yay for love, and yay for Virginia in 9 days. Is it sad I'm more excited for Virginia than Christmas? 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals survival kits

Even though I am not in school right now, I am still feeling the pressure of finals. Mostly because every one I associate with has em. Carlos, my brother, Cec. . .(I've got other friends promise) And, I am studying for the GMAT which I take in about a month. I am stoked. So, this morning (I may or may not have gotten to work a lil' late), I ran over to Carlos' to drop off a Finals Survival Kit. It was filled with his favorite goodies. I didn't take too many pics, mostly because I was driving when I took these, but you get the idea. The box was where I got some of my Christmas presents from--I love those boxes--they are so thick and sturdy! :) 
I want the below picture in my future home. Isn't that just the best? 
This is what I do when I study for the GMAT. It's no fun. Haha. (Especially when I realize that I will have taken the LSAT and the GMAT within the same year--might as well take the GRE for good measure eh?) 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Here's to lazy Sundays. Days where you sleep all day, and watch tv and get on Pinterest for the hours that you are awake.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. So lazy that I (went to bed at midnight) woke up at 12, stayed awake for 2 hours (stake conference) then went back to bed for a 2 hour nap.

Then I took Carlos some dinner. Yum, yum. It's his last Sunday where he works all day on Sunday at the MTC. I am so excited to go to church with him again. :)

Less than two weeks and I can start moving my stuff out. Yes!

Hung out with Cec and made some semblance of fruit pizza. Good times. People think we are crazy when we get together--and it's eerie how we can be thinking the same thing at the exact same time. I attribute it to the fact that we've been roomies for a year. :)

How awesome would this sleeping bag be?
I slept a total of 14 hours. Not bad. Considering I have had a lot of late-nights.

PhotobucketNot bad at all. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Dreams May Come

If you are looking for a movie that makes you laugh, cry, and think WTF? Then, What Dreams May Come is a great one. Let me explain. . .

What Dreams May Come is one of Carlos' favorite movies. I had never head of it--and I wanted to see what gem this one would be. Last week we watched Dead Poets Society, and I really liked it. And both movies have Robin Williams, so I really wanted to watch it.

WDMC is one of those movies that just makes you think. It makes you think about love, life, and how blessed I am to know where I go after I die. It was quite mesmerizing.

It was all about this man and his love that had two children, the children ended up dying in a car crash. The man and his wife are overcome with grief, but learn to live on. Then, the man dies in another crash. He is taken to "heaven" and later finds that his wife commits suicide and is in hell. He ends up going on a journey to get her back from hell.

It's a total 90s movie, full of the cheese and all that goodness. But one of the most touching parts, the part that made the whole movie worth it was the end part. He ends up getting her back, and they decide to be "reincarnated".

It ends with a little boy and girl meeting on a dock and the girl giving the boy and peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. It was so touching. I was with Carlos and I had to fight not to cry (I cry too much with him). I went to go to the gym. As I got in the car, I immediately started thinking about the movie, and how touching it was. That man risked everything that he had for his wife. The song, 100 Years, came on. I just about lost it.

Sometimes I am so selfish. I think everything is always about me. Sometimes I forget to look around and be thankful for all that I have. Sometimes I get mad because I don't think Carlos is romantic enough. Then I remember how much he has to work to be able to do things with me. I think about the sweet things that he write in emails, the wonderful texts, the letters....and I think how selfish I am. Sometimes I get mad because Carlos has to leave early (on Friday and Sat nights) because of work. Then I think about the nights he has to stay up so that he can earn income. And how he does it all for me. I think that always think about myself, then I think of the times that I sacrifice to be with Carlos. And in reality, none of it's a sacrifice. I want to do it, I want to be with the man that I love.

And then I realize that is what it's all about. If you have two people that are willing to work for something, you can have the strongest love ever. And love isn't always going to be something beautiful. Sometimes you just want to yell at the other person for saying something mean. But the moments where all is calm and you are in each other's arms, and the moment seems to stay still--those are the moments you work for. The moments when you are in a car, and you are laughing uncontrollably because of how happy you are, those are the moments you cherish. Life isn't alway going to be happiness and roses--if you think that--you must be on drugs. And it's ok. It's ok that life isn't what I thought it was going to be. Because, it's a million and one times better than what I thought. And that's just fine by me. 

I want this when Carlos and I get old. :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As of late...

Carlos and I went to the Sugar House Barbecue Company. Apparently, it was the best bbq in Utah for 10 years running. I will have to disagree with that statement. I got it because of GoogleOffers (love of my life) which gave us this fantastic deal of $20 of bbq for only $5. How could I pass that up? However, we still had a fun time with Stacy and Scott who joined us in our adventure! 
Making popcorn. Let me just say how obsessed I am with it! I found that I bond over popcorn with my mom. We talked about the future, Carlos, marriage, the works--all over a bowl of popcorn. 
Spending time with the love of my life. On Sunday, I only go to see him for an hour, but it was ok because I visited him at the MTC. He took me on a tour of the magical place (which is a mysterious place for those who have not served missions).  It was exciting, because Elan is going to be there in less than a year! 
Free Sammies. O happy day! We certainly love that place. Carlos has been working a lot more lately, and even though it's been kind of a strain, it's been fun to switch up schedules to be able to spend time with each other. 
This boy is probably the sweetest that I know. After a completely typical meltdown, he came to my house after work (which was around 11:30 pm) and handed my a sweet, sweet handwritten letter. How I love that boy's letters. They mean the world to me. He is the sweetest, bestest, handsomest man. :) 
To die for cake balls. Oh yummy day. How I love the holiday treats. This just means I have to spend more time at the gym :P 

Happy holidays. I am so excited to go to Virginia to meet Carlos' family. I just can't say it enough! :)