Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iPhone WIN

Hubbers got an iPhone today. Not the 5...but still. It's an iPhone...and it was freeee.

And I got my iPhone cover...
cutesy huh?

I got the idea from Fabric Paper Glue, and I just had to have it.
Plus, it wasn't even that expensive. So double the win.

We are an Apple family. :)
Now to get Carlos on a Mac...hahah
That will probably never happen---but it's fun to dream right?

Tomorrow I turn 23! Yikes! I'm excited...mostly because I will take a day to relax and chill. My poor hubby has tests up the wazzoo and he's still managing to find time to cook, and eat brownies with me. :)


Friday, September 21, 2012

So What is Successful?

Oftentimes, I find that life gets overwhelming, life gets busy, and I find myself wishing that I had more. And it's not even that I wish I had, it's that I wish that knew more. I hope to be the perfect blend of a crafty blogger, witty writer, suave designer, and somehow be a killer intense business woman. All within a year. As soon as possible. No biggie right?

Maybe it's because I feel like my "prime time" is slipping away--I'm turning 23 here people. And I don't really have anything to show for it. I suppose having something to show for me is having a business, being successful. I can't really define what I think is successful--except for having something to show for it. For me, it would be being able to run a small design firm, living in a big city, having enough money to buy things I want, interning somewhere other than Utah....

As I write this...I realize that I am taking the steps to get there. I am an extremely inpatient person and I want results as well.

My husband keeps telling me that I'm insane, but somehow, in my little brain, I've convinced myself that I'm going to do it. And by golly, I know I will.

I've got to be more dedicated about my dreams and aspirations. I can't just let them drift off...

I know I might sound delusional, and probably crazy, but these are my musings...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tales of a Tuesday

The weekend treated us well. We finally picked up our little car. It's all ours. It's registered. We are now poor again. But we have a new car! It's pretty cray-cray to actually be doing real kid stuff now. 

Carlos has been dying to get a new phone--he's converted to ze iPhone--but since we are bargain hunters/don't really have any money...we are waiting to get the iPhone for freee....we've gone to the Sprint store twice this weekend (once we waited 40 minutes to get it) only to find out...it's not free just yet. Yeesh a mama. We just want a stupid free phone. 

Turns out, waiting can be pretty awesome. I got this cute ribbon for $2 Only. (please tell me you know what I'm referencing to--the chip bags....)
I love those chips...yummaroo.

Well I got this ribbon for on the cheap. And the best part was the place I bought it at has nothing to do with crafts. But even better, they gave me an option to donate 5 LIL CENTS to charity. High five to that company...imagine if everyone gave that much on everything they bought?

And just to be fat kids this weekend, we got a Chick-fil-a party tray...for two. 
We got comfy with Parks and Rec (which we may have watched all 4 seasons in about 3 weeks--nbd--we are obsessed) and enjoyed a splendiferious weekend. 

Random, jumbled thoughts...from the mind of a quite random, jumbled girl. 

And I still can't get enough of Gangnam style. 
We danced to it yesterday. 
At midnight. 
After a nap at 7 pm. 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday Wasn't Too Hot...

Yesterday, I had a not so great day.
I think my hubby put it perfectly when he said, "We've been having too many fantastic days, Satan wants to mess with us". 

I agree to that, but yesterday was just so long.

  • First of all, it was my Mom's b-day, I wanted to drop off something for her, but we were running late. 
  • Work was no fun--I had a run in with a former boss, but who isn't my boss anymore, and it really shook me up. 
  • I went to go fix my iPhone screen, but I had to make an appointment (uh LAME). 
  • Loans have come in, but we don't know where the money is
  • I lost $15 worth of groceries. I don't know where they went, or whatever. 
  • I felt like I was going to pass out during Zumba. 
Listing it makes it feel a lot less consequential, but at the same time, it  was a good day. We got Papa Murphy's--and there's a whole pizza at home waiting for us. Got to see my family, and get some sweets. Fell asleep in my hubbs arms. 

Honestly, I am ready for this week to be over. But I am excited for the temple dedication for next week.

And I am pretty excited to relax and be with the hubbs this weekend. :) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Gems for Ya

This is a craze...and its only getting hotter: Gangnam Style
i'll admit...i do kind of, sort of like it. 

And  lil' treat for all you photoshoppers/illustrators out there: 


Monday, September 10, 2012

Good News and Home Improvement

Good news! :) We done (almost) got ourselves a brand-spanking new car! How awesome is that? It is pictured below...(me in my gym clothes--I just came from Zumba--holla!)
We got a great deal on this car, it's still under the factory warranty and it only has about 8,000 miles. Brand new I say! :) 
We just have to wait for financial stuff to clear, but we have a cute little car! And it is manual, buuut that's ok, since my bug is manual anyways and we are used to driving cars that way. 

And a home improvement project. 
I started with these boring jars: 

I filled them with flour and sugar, but they were just so drab. 
I then found some adorable chalkboard stickers, for only $0.43!!!

So, armed with my chalkboard stickers, $0.77 chalk, and a steady hand, I made these little beauties. 
So much cuter, and super easy. 

I love our little house. It's so fun to make it all our own. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwing a FIT!

So I'm pretty mad.
Fuming actually.

I had a car slip into my life, and out of it in less than 24 hours.

You see, we are in the hunt to buy a car.

She wants:

  • something pleasing to the eye
  • something that gets great gas mileage
  • something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
  • something that has a clean interior
  • something that they can fit future kiddos in
He agrees with everything, but they both have different definitions of "what is pleasing to the eye". For her, it's something small, light, and well, fit. (Think zippy, sporty compact cars). For him, it's anything that doesn't look too beat up, and is functional. Which is just about any car. *and no hubby, I'm not dissing you*

So, I found a Honda Fit that was a steal. Unfortunately, I wanted the price to be just a little bit lower. I tried to haggle, and I lost. I thought about the car too long, and I lost it. It was great. But, live and learn. And it was a little too high for our budget. 

My search continues. And the definition of "pleasing to the eye" gets further defined by my hubby and I. 

If anyone knows of any little (and cute) and affordable cars, give me a shout out. Pretty please?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Sometimes we head up to SLC for a night of yummy mexican food at Red Iguana. 
Maybe I already want to go back there. 
Sometimes we go to Bookdocks for work parties, but we don't win anything in the raffle. Such is life. But we do get awesome prizes (which we won in the arcade), which we proceed to lose in less than an hour. 

Sometimes we have plans to hike Timp, but the weather slaps us upside the head and says, "NO". 
The night we were going to hike Timp, we were awoken by a torrential downpour and loud cracks of thunder. Good thing we were tired, and opted not to go. 

Sometimes we buy the cutest chairs, but get two different sizes. Sometimes I think we are disabled. But hubs likes the taller one, and I prefer the smaller one. His and Hers, nbd. 

Sometimes we get super crafty, and make things for the bedroom--but forget to take pictures. 
Sometimes we make Cowboy Caviar. 
Which is beyond delicious, btw. 

Ah weekend, where did you go?