Monday, October 31, 2011

Freshman Friends and Old Friends. . .

Sometimes I think I might be the craziest person alive.
But then, I hang out with Kristie and Cec and then I know I am not.
I've missed the crazy times that we used to have. I do not exaggerate--they were crazy. Mostly fun.
Good times. We went to a crepe shoppe to try it out--and boy was it yummy. We also had a good chat about boys, rings, and marriage. How could you not? It was therapeutic to talk to Cec and Kristie.

Saw my old freshman friend--played racquetball with him. Being with him only wanted me to be with Carlos more. (But Carlos was sleeping) So I let my freshman friend take me to Yogurtland--it was the least I could do. ;) It was fun to see him and talk to him. He said some really interesting things that about love. Of course we were discussing Carlos.

Hanging out with Carlos' friends was fun as well! I got to make them buffalo chicken bites--inspired by Pinterest of course. Carlos and I laughed about how we were washing dishes, cleaning up and cooking when we were there. We are kind of old. We all went to a haunted corn maze--which was the epitome of Halloween. I guess they are more my friends as well.
Sometimes it's kind of funny how used to him I am. In a good way. More and more it feels like we are singular rather than separate. It's all about us. Not about one of us.

It was great to hang out with people and see how much I have changed. It may not be noticeable to them--but I feel different. Each time, I realize, that Carlos is my best friend. We might disagree over some things, and we might just like to bother each other as well. But so it goes with best friends. You take the best with the worst.

The holidays are approaching. And so are some major things that I will get to do.

It's all going to work out. It all wil.
It always does.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey now, hey now...

This is what dreams are made of. Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are madddddeee of! Ah, I love that song. Hilary duff throwback! This is what dreams are made of. . . I remember singing that song at the top of my lungs with my best friend Cec. Those were the days. But so is today, and yesterday, and the day before that. :)

Life is hard--and sometimes people are stupid. I found the cutest apartment which I was going to move in December. Two days ago, the girl that was selling the contract told me that she had prayed about it, and it didn't "feel right". Feelings and promptings from the spirit are all fine and dandy but you don't have to tell someone you hardly know. I really don't care. Especially when you screw me over when it comes to housing.

Last sat was carlos' birthday! It was a splendid day. I had so many things I wanted to buy him, but I think I'll save them for Christmas. ;) we went to tucanos and then watched contagion. I was freaking out the entire time. It's about this strain of virus, like h1-n1 that threatens to wipe out society. I was having a freak out baby. I got my sweetheart some awesome shades that he looks absolutely dashing in. I also got him some cds for all of his music--but feel stupid that I didn't get a car adapter for his iPod--which was obviously what he wanted more....bad girlfriend. I also framed a puzzle that he was working on--see below if you want to see the finished product. :)

We made some deelsih pizza. Homemade that is. Can you guess which one is mine?
If you chose the first one, you were right. Mine was kind of ugly compared to Carlos' artisan pizza. But, I think mine tasted better ;) 
My family (well, mostly Ciggs and my mom) worked on finishing this puzzle. Doesn't it look great? 
We carved pumkins. It is was soo fun. Mine was the one in the middle. :) 
This is what it looks like on my commute to work. I don't think that my phone fully captured the scene. But it is so beautiful. 

This was a long week. But somehow, I made it through. I wonder what this weekend will bring. . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dreams are weird little things. Ok. I take that back--they are weird huge things.

Anyways. So my dreams have been quite vivid lately. And, I don't really think it's a good thing. Let me tell you why. . .

So I love this one boy. To death. (not that I want to kill him or anything, except he sometimes annoys me so much I do). Things have been getting extremely serious. I'm loving it. I expect nothing more. But my dreams have been causing me some struggle.

Dream #1:
There's this boy that I kind of sort of dated. In this first dream--he came to me (he is married btw--so it's not like this would ever even happen) and told me that he needed me and he missed me. He took me on a wild South American adventure. After that, we had to live in hiding because his wife was looking for us.

I have no idea what that dream means. It's not driving me crazy, just making me laugh at how weird I am. Sure, I may never get over this kid--even my dreams tell me so.

Dream #2:
This had to do with a guy that I totally was friends with when I did Sports Camps. I saw him at the gym, he came over and we talked for a little bit. He pulled me in, and ya know---let's just say that I would have owed my roommates ice cream. If you don't know what I am talking about--too bad. But let me say, his breath smelled really, really bad.

This one just made me laugh. I am a weirdy. I never had any relations with this counselor, and my dreams obviously don't make any sense.

Dreams make me think. For some, they may think--"you are definitely not over these guys, you need to go out and get 'em!" For me, it just makes me realize how much Carlos means to me. And you know who I'd rather see in my dreams? Him. Dreams are sometimes fun to analyze and think about--but not too long. They would probably drive me crazy.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I laugh because of the freak I am. I walked around at work today thinking I was the bees knees. Then I found a HUGE stain on my jeans. I'm so cool. Not really. I thought I'd be all cute with my lil headband and cutesy shoes. Yeah right. Then I had to run around the bathroom cleaning me jeans. I just hoped that no one would walk in on me and wonder WTF I was doing. It's Friday. It happens. Stains also happen. I need to get me a 64 oz of the dew. This week has been a weeeeeek. TGIF. Thank goodness it's Friday. Yee haw.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


When someone you dated is going to COLUMBIA for medical school--sometimes you wish you kept dating them. Not to mention you probably would have hated your life--but that's irrelevant.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Work is fun

Orbit double pack plus headphones plus Bath and body works Shea cashmere hand cream plus yellow pad makes coming into work at 7 am not too bad.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun, fun till the daddy takes the t-bird away..

This weekend/week has been full of fun. Seriously. Carlos and I went to the Big A** concert up in SLC. it was his early b-day present...shhh. He has many more coming, but I can even decide what I want to give him.

Then I got to thinking--while we heard all of these bands--about my Heavenly Father. I don't normally go all preachy--but I think it's time I do. Instead of enjoying the music. I was enjoying the architecture. Instead of screaming for the bands, I watched the people drinking beer. Instead of banging my head up and down, I marveled how God made people so similar but yet, so different. Instead of singing along with the music, I was busy marveling at the giant sun dial that was in the Gallavan Center. Instead of grinding with people, I was busy thinking about how much I love Carlos and how I cant wait until I can marry him. Yes--I know I'm an odd little birdy, and my thoughts probably don't make any sense. but, being at the concert really got me thinking about who I am.

And I got a short list:
I love my Heavenly Father
I get mad easily
I have a love affair with the Internet
I sometimes like to whip my hair back and forth
I always take as many fortune cookies as I can when I go to Pei Wei
I want to marry Carlos sometime
I don't know what I want to do when I grow up
I could never put windshield wipers on my car without my dad
I stalk people via their google calendars
I'm awkward when I talk on the phone
Stayfocsd is my third best friend (Cec and Carlos tie for first)
Deep down I want to be able to cook
I pin when I get bored
I ate taco bell today

Friday, October 7, 2011

I have a crush

I have a crust on this guy who owns a company, and no it's not Steve jobs. Dont tell carlos...It's not because he's attractive--because he is--it's because of the 4 things I've learned from him. Hes actually a business man I admire. Here are the things I've learned:

1) act like you own the place
Well, this guy does own the place--but the way he acts is not haughty or superior. It's refreshing.

2) don't be stuffy
This guy is the exact opposite of how businessmen are portrayed. He's more of a modern day businessman. He comes to work in his polos one day--suits the next. He's confident in who he is and doesn't have to prove it to anyone.

3) be open
I sit right next to him. He smiles and is friends with the people he works with--which just inspires everyone and makes them think they play a big part in his company.

4) everyone matters
He treats everyone like they are on the brink of something huge. He cares for the people he works for. And it makes all the difference.

Oh--here he comes--better get back to work... ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is a real beut...

I've been trying to bike during my lunch hour for the past week. It's been lovely. Heres the evidence to prove it. I love the alone time i get. It's the one time I can really marvel in the beauty of gods creations. Sometimes it's so beautiful I can hardly believe it. The feeling that you get from biking up a huge hill is exhilarating. But, today, it's cold. It's raining as I write this. I have a bug bite on my foot. All I want to do is grab my Carlos and a cup of cider and wrap ourselves in a huge, fuzzy blanket. Tempting--yes. Realistic--no. Oh well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is Grood (great + good)

Long time no see, yeah, it's been a while since I've updated the ol' blog.

I just haven't had time. And it makes me sad.

From coming back from Disney, oh yeah, about that--I left early from Disney. It just wasn't my thing--you know?

Too many happy smiling faces--there just wasn't a point to me being at Disney--other than buying me time.

Anyways, I've been home. No, not unemployed, but happily being a full-time employee for PMA media group. It's great. It's lovely. And I am not just saying that. It really is.

I am bouncing between law school and business school. Bouncing between what I want to do and what I kind of feel would be the best to do.

Anyhoo--that's an update. I'm happily in love with my boy-f: Carlos, and life is grood. (good + great)