Friday, April 27, 2012

Too Many Sweets and Not Enough Money

I think when I get stressed, I eat lots of sweets. 

Carlos says we have sweets all the time, so I can't blame it on that. . .

That was my breakfast today. The above picture. Lucky Charms are muy yummy. 

I ate a whole box of double stuffed Oreos, in two days. 
In the market for a scooter. 
Any one have any ideas? 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike rides and Love

On Sunday, Carlos and I took a leetle bike ride. 
To say our week has been frustrating, is an understatement. 

As was so eloquently put by my love, "we lost ourselves". 

Here's to my honey bunny, 
here's to how much i love him. 

Sunday was just so gosh dang beautiful. 

Sneaky pics of him. :) oh, and the landscape. 

The pics of the flowers he got me. So lovely. 

You can find beauty everywhere. 
Can you spot the heart? 

Though it gets rough, the only person I want by my side is Carlos. 
And our families. 
I could never abandon them. 

I guess I have to learn to really love Carlos' family as my own. Since they will be. 

I guess I'm more selfish than I realize. 
I take my family for granted. 
I take a lot of things for granted. 

I'm so blessed for everything I have. 
Thank you for everyone that loves me. 

I'll try harder. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yikes, What a Week.

This week has been quite the harrowing experience. 

From Carlos' car breaking down. 
It's dead for good. 
He's lucky if he get's $300 for it. 

To wedding drama, to hurt feelings, this week just needs to be over. 
On the positive side, Carlos got me this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, that just brightened my whole week. 

(it's not the exact pic, but you get the idea) 
He got more than $10 back from books. 
He's done with finals!

And most importantly, we love each other. 
Very, very, very much. 

ps. we are going to run away to vegas.
try and stop us. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of the Worst Things. . .

Is when you drop your contact case, and you can't find your contacts.

That's what I had to wake up this morning.

I found one relatively quickly, but the other one was near impossible to find. I had to enlist the help of my mom to help me find it. We were both sprawled on the carpet with a light trying to find that stupid little thing. Seriously, my mornings this week just can't get any better than this.

At first I thought I had pushed my contact case over, but hoped it was just a dream.
Then I had this lovely dream of Neal Caffrey from White Collar helping me to cleverly find my contact.

Oh wait. He's gay. Darn. 

I think I'm a little obsessed. Carlos and I love the show White Collar. We've been watching it over the last couple of weeks and we are hooked. If you've got a little time, check this show out.

Carlos is almost done with finals! I hope he does well! I'm sure he will. He's so smart. That's why I love him. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Crying at work.


Friday, April 13, 2012


So much for working in a swanky building.

This is what it really looks like.

And it's not like the sign is glued to the floor/wall.

Oh wait.

It is. 

We checked. 

Humor of the the day.

Good thing it's finally Friday.

After this, Carlos won't be working weekends anymore!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll Just Laugh It Off

So I just found out that my uncle is getting married June 20th.

I don't really know how to feel.

Side note: My uncle is only 4 years older than me. And he got engaged about a week ago.

What gives? 

I will only see Carlos for a very short time today--not happy about that either.

However, work is just getting more and more entertaining. I'm loving the energy around that place.

Is it sad I'm finally making friends?


Things I'm loving today:

I know I'm whining a lot...but can I please be married already?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changing Plans. . .

Ah changing plans. 
Yesterday Carlos had to work, but found out that the guy that wanted him to work had the wrong date. 
Previously, we were both bummed because we didn't think we'd be doing much together. 

Luckily, his plans changed. 
He didn't have work after all! 

Instead, we had an enjoyable evening at Yogurtland and finally watching The Hunger Games. 
Loved it, but still, Katniss just doesn't do it for me. 

Peeta and Gale are beyond amazing, but Katniss just doesn't have that toned look that I thought she'd have. 

here are some of the things I'm loving on the interweb: 

This engagement shoot from Style Me Pretty
I just hope Carlos and I can pull off something like this: 

Isn't it just gorgeous? 
I love the simplicity, but how radient they are. 
Cheesy, I know. 
But I love it. 

And this is just funny. But adorable. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

O The Mem'rys

Yesterday was a day of realization for me.

After another wonderful (but short) day with my honey bunny, I was faced with cleaning up things around the house. Since I have moved home, my mom has taken the opportunity to purge all of my belongings to ensure that I live in the way she wants me to. I've had to pack away my belongings and clean them up.

For the next time I move out, it will be for good.

Along with cleaning up things, I have had the chance to go through things that I haven't seen in a while. Old journals, funny notes, sentimental letters, and old photographs.

By going through these things, I have realized that I am starting a completely new chapter in my life.

I am one that loves to keep things for memories. The one that loves to keep the ticket stub from the movies, and fliers from concerts past. I can spend hours reminiscing about the past with a single photograph, or a letter read.

However, as good as memories are, that's just what they are to me now. I will forever remember the letters that took me hours to write, the friends that I missed, the boys that I had crushes on, the girls that I longed to be like. . .

I am no longer a young woman pining for missionaries.
I am a woman getting married to her best friend.

I am no longer a care-free teen.
I am a (silly) adult with responsibilities--that I tend to forget.

I'm not saying I've grown up, and I'm old and boring.
I'm saying that I am in a new chapter in my life, where I am not worrying about suitors, or being the most popular.

I am focused on loving my best friend, and so excited to start a new life with him.

Look at all of these letters I had! 

Who even has PRINT copies of photos anymore? I felt pretty old. . .

I miss her. 

EFY. Enough said. 

*I thought this post would be lighter, but it turned into a reflective post. :)  Photobucket

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Decided to get down with my crafty self this weekend.

I made a look book for my wedding.


So much for getting bridesmaids stuff done.

I fail at getting things done.

Changed my mind about bridesmaids dresses. 

They are definitely going to be silver. 

Didn't see Carlos on Saturday. Sad face.

Instead, I got Costco gas cards, IKEA runs, and kickboxing.

Did you know there is evidence of procrastination in the Book of Mormon?

Learned that in Sunday school.

Carlos came to church with me.

That was fun.

Easter came and went.

It was gorgeous.

Cute Easter dresses.

Awkward meetings at work.

Those are always fun.

I feel like I'm on drugs.
I'm groggy.
Even though I got 8+ hours of sleep.

Biking today.

Short sentences.

That's just the mood I'm in today.

Currently loving this engagement shoot idea.  


Want this photo: 


Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank Goodness We Aren't Engaged for 5 Years

Oh my. 
This looks freaking hilarious. 

I need little wedding movies in my life right now. 
More of the hilarious ones. 

Like Monster-In-Law and the likes. 
I feel their pain now. 

You can join me in the hilarity. 

I think I need to learn more about Photoshop. 
I might want to do my own engagements. 
I'm all about DIY. 

I'm dreaming of: 
mason jars
lots of pretty lights

On the hunt for today: 
Wedding invites. 

Favorite for the day: 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is It Bad. . .

That I am downing my first Diet Dr. Pepper around 7:45 in the am?

But the above picture is exactly how I feel when I drink it. :)

Oh well. 

I've started biking to and from my gym classes, and boy is it tiring.

I've been grumpy at who knows what--and my poor fiance has to deal with me.

I'm nervous to get married.

Sometimes it just seems like too much. 

But then I realize I'm marrying my best friend.

And it seems like it can't come soon enough. 

This weekend, I'm asking my bridesmaids to be my maids.

I can't wait.

Also, I've got a surprise up my sleeve for my boy.

Oh hashtags. I feel trendy using them.

That is all.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lessons Learned

After re-evaluating a job, and coming to terms that I love where I work, and I really am content, there has been some restructuring going on.

This is what I've learned:

1. No matter what it is, do your best.

2. You can talk the talk, but if you can't walk the walk, you are useless.

3. Take the time to get to know the people you work with.

4. Don't be someone you aren't.

5. People can see right through you.

6. Be the first to come in, and you'll never worry about when you have to leave.

7. Lunch breaks are overrated, especially when you can leave an hour earlier when you don't take one.

8. PPI's aren't just for the guys. :)

9. Take the time to get to know your co-workers. ( I said it twice because IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT)

10. Always look busy.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Apprope. . .

Ain't this the most adorable thing you've seen?

Sometimes I need an owl like that...

Tabs oh Tabs

I am particularly in love with certain technology. 
I would have to say that tabs are currently my #1 squeeze. 
I don't know what I would do without them. 

You see, I currently have 21 tabs open. 
It sounds excessive, but it's not. 
I use every single one within a 5 minute period--so they have to be up. 

Tabs save me so much time. 
The more tabs I have open, the more productive I feel. 

As of late, life has been stressful. 
Every day, I wish more and more to be married. 
I've got ants in my pants. 

But, I am already having so much fun planning. 
Maybe I'll put some posts up about it. 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is how we celebrate April 1st

Carlos and I like to eat. :)

Mac and cheese and banana cream pie.

Oh yes. And cars.
We like snuggling in cars.