Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Best Kind of News

It's the best kind of news when something you so carefully planned and agonized over ends up working out.

News flash:
Carlos and I will be gone from Dec 27th to Jan 1st. 

Yes. I will be able to meet his family! I am so unbelievably excited! I just can't wait. (I guess I will have to)

My parents took it...well. Carlos' dad called Carlos and told him that it would be ok for Carlos to come after Christmas. You don't know the kind of wieght that took off of me. I told Carlos that I was going to meet his family no matter what. I just wanted to make sure that we did everything possible so that I could go and have my parents support.

Everyone was very level headed about it and no one pitched a fit. Carlos and I had even made a GoogleDoc to present to my parents outlining everything that we would be doing for the week. We did get grilled, but we were ready for it. I know that I really wanted this, and need this. Meeting the family will be a great step in our relationship and I am so excited to meet Carlos' family!

Aaaah. Now I just had to get ready for this stupid GMAT.

On a side note: I got to talk to one of my best friends (who happens to be a guy--and not Carlos) for over an hour last night. It was pretty great. And the whole time we spent talking about Carlos--it didn't seem like a bad thing. He did compliment me and tell me how mature I have become, which was pretty awesome. I really needed to hear that. 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please and Thank You


Dear Santa

I love the holidays. I love Christmas. This is the first holiday that I've had someone very special to share it with--I am unbelievably excited. The holidays can get stressful, and here the the top things that I must do before Christmas is over.

My holiday wish list:

1. See the lights at Temple Square

2. See the lights at Thanksgiving Point

3. Go ice skating

4. Have a snowball fight

5. Go to Utah Lake when it's frozen and go ice fishing

6. Shopping. . .for sparkly things :)

7. Festival of Trees (Sandy)

8. Sledding (in Park City--on tubes)

9. Meeting Carlos' family (I do this no matter what! :) super excited!)

10. Get kissed at Temple Square amidst all of the lights (yes, cheesy girl wish)

Happy holidays. Cross your fingers I get to do everything on my list. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy, happy birthday!

Oh what a day! :) it was cygnis birthday! I made a cute pinterest inspired banner for her. My dad made Monte cristos--which my mom lovingly referred to as "Monte Carlos". My dad also made some yummy strawberry shakes. I then snuck away to see my C--which--I've only seen for two hours this weekend. When it came to say goodbye--he had to practically had to pry me off of him. :)

Then--we watched "in time"--it was ok. Entertaining. Definitely dollar theater worth--not full price. Then, off to slc to Cheesecake Factory. It was fun, but I missed Carlos and everyone was annoyed. I love my family--but it'd definitely showing that we are getting older. There's some family growing pains. Its difficult, especially when I am in love with someone I want to be with all the time and between the family I love. :)


What a wonderful holiday! C got to spend it with me and my family. Oh we baked up some yummy treats. I felt all domestic :) pies, cheesecake, stuffing, turkey, yams, oh my!

Cry Me a River

Staying up late redesigning the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I have had a tough week--blame it on the womanly woes. My poor Carlos has had to deal with me literally bawling my head off. And I do not exaggerate. My tears soaked his jackets and his shirts. He didn't do anything wrong, no one has done anything wrong to me. I just need to cry. And cry a lot. I spend a night crying, getting over it, being happy for 10 min and then crying some more. I think that's all I've done this break is cry.

C even resorted to buying me Cafe Rio, it made me calm for a lil' bit, then the tears ensued.

All I do is cry, cry, cry.

Cry me a river? Yeah, I think I've cried a lake.

Yeah--I have no life. Sue me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Oh yes. Tuesday nights. It has become a sort of tradition--a guilty tradition--I watch Gossip Girl. I know, I know. A college grad watching Gossip Girl--well, it happens.

I love the story lines and the pretty people. It's a nice escape.

Happy day. Happy Gossip Girl.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Plans Gone Awry

Um, hello excellent day. Hello excellent week.

It seems like the more and more things are thrown at Carlos and I--the stronger that we get. Sure, we have had out smallish disagreements, but I feel like we are understanding each other and us even more. I cannot tell you the glorious feeling that it is to be in love with your best friend.

This week has been filed with surprises, laughter, tears (always mine), shouting, and most of all kisses.

I decided that I will be living at The Granary--most commonly known as The Nunnery. It's quite lovely. After two apartments not working out--I am hoping that the 3rd time is the charm. Please cross your fingers that it is.

Today was just--peachy. I lounged around the house. I woke up at around 11--which, call me fat and lazy--I call it my sleep in day. I kind of had to tell myself to just take a chill pill. I've had to tell myself this a couple of times throughout the past few days. My mind was racing with what I needed to do. But, then I had to stop and wonder, what did I want to do?

Well, all I really wanted to do was do sit and let my brain die for a little bit. It happens to everyone, and I especially needed it. I stayed up until 2 am watching shows...ooops. So, I contented myself with studying for the GMAT, Pinterest, Gchat, Facebook, the gym, and trying not to bother Carlos. If I had it my way, I would end up driving over to snuggle with him--alas--I couldn't. Did I mention that I found out that my car needed a new clutch? Hello no money for a month. I am not particularly excited for that.

Whatever. It's going to be ok. It really will. Hey, I'm going to go spend like the rest of my life on Pinterest.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sundance. . .and Interview Thoughts

I just came back from an interview at Sundance. Ah. I love that place. I practically grew up there. I applied to be a ski instructor there!

I don't get myself sometimes. I always want more to do. It's like this summer, when I was working full-time at Boostability and studying for the LSAT and I had sports camps. I was a crazy lil' one. I love when my life is so busy though. I would rather be running around than lounging about. That's just me. So, my plan with ski instructing is to work 3 days a week (I would be part time) and somehow have time to apply to business school and keep up a relationship with my Carlos.

The interview questions that Sundance gave me were: oddly insightful. I commend them on the questions.

One: What do you think your purpose in life is?
Um, what? This is just a job interview to be a ski instructor. Not like a Peace Core thing. I kind of chuckled at the question, and then the interviewer gave me a funny look. Sorry, I thought that the question was just so probing! 

How can Sundance help you on your quest in life?
Quest? Really? I never thought of my life like that. . .but, if you want to put my life in epic terms--I guess you could call it a quest. 

Oh Sundance. I love that place. My interviews went well. The interview is in 3 parts. So far, I've made it past 2 rounds. It was really interesting to see the other applicants. Sometimes I feel bad for the people applying. For the second round of interviews (I am pretty sure the first one was to make sure that you weren't a serial killer or something) I had to wait for a guy in front of me to complete his interview. And, it was really easy to hear what was going on. (Of course I listened in--I tried to read about Steve Jobs (yes I have the biography) but I couldn't focus) Isn't that the smart thing to do?

I thought his interview went pretty well. He had the interviewee laughing and he said some good things (Yes, I took note). But, he didn't get the golden ticket to the next round. Guess how I found out? Because I made it past the second round. I guess the guy was so impressed with my skills that he informally invited me to the 3 round. He even gave me his card and phone number so I wouldn't forget. The round where they take us to Brighton! I am stoked!
I could do that---right?!

Sometimes I wonder when I am going to grow up and get a real person job. I guess I already have one, but I am attracted to positions like ski instructors and sports camp counselors. Does that say something about me? I guess I will always be a kid at heart.

Carlos found out he got a scholarship! I am so proud of him! He's been studying all week for tests and stuff. I'm waiting for him to come pick me up right now. . .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bailamos. . .Let's Dance

I have to get it out there. I have a fascination.

And this fascination is border-line obsession.

The smooth voice and the beautiful lyrics are all a girl ever needs.


Those three syllables instantly stop my heart.

Don't make fun. I know you are jealous. I know you have a love crush on him too.
Who doesn't?

I've normally don't like men with Spanish accents--but for Enrique I make an exception. He always reminds me of good times in the DR. Ones that I will never forget. He reminds me of how romantic Spanish can be.

Carlos and I joke about how he is my Enrique and I am his Penelope Cruz. If I only looked like that. . .

My daily ritual consists of going to work at 7 am--which--contrary to popular belief, I love going to work so early. I love being the first one there. I can blast my Enrique without any worry or care. He is just the perfect beginning to any day. And all of his songs---if any boy sang that to me--I would be his.

Oh Enrique. You make my heart flutter. And I'm not being unfaithful to Carlos. Don't you worry. I just love Enrique too.