Thursday, October 3, 2013


Life has been crazy lately.

I didn't even post about our amazing 1 year anniversary trip! Well, we went to FL and then a cruise. It was just what we needed. It was the perfect end of summer getaway, and a great way to celebrate being married for a year. I can't believe we've been married so long--it hardly seems like we've been married long!

Carlos gradumatated. 

So proud of him! #byualum

We got Hobbes. 

He's a red heeler/mini Australian shepherd mix. He is a cutie! We love him so much! It's been weird to have a lil' dog, mostly because we didn't really have one growing up. Luckily Carlos is a resident pup-expert, so we have it all covered!

We interviewed at Cornbelly's. 
Carlos was a poor lil' graduate with  no job for just a couple of weeks, so we decided to go to Cornbelly's to see if we could get a job there (extra money!), we got the job, but right as we started training, Carlos....

Got a Real Kid JOB!
After a couple of hits and misses (as it always goes when job searching) Carlos got an awesome opportunity to work in a lab! He pretty much does what he studied for his major! #microbiology I'm so proud of him, and we will be able to save up so he can take the OAT (for optometry school) and interviews for schools that accept him.

I Turned 24. 
I feel real old. It was a fun day full of family and friends. Here's to 24 being a wonderful year!

We Joined A Kickboxing Club
I finally made Carlos join a kickboxing club. It is awesome. Seriously, the workouts are intense, and I am pooped after I go. I'm trying to do a 60 day challenge, but my knee got tweaked and I was out for a week. #notfun

We Will Be Skiing This Year
Yes. Carlos got me passes to Sundance this year. He is going to learn to ski, and we are gonna have a blast! Yahoo!

Seriously, life is good here in the Grandela Household. I couldn't ask for more. #blessings

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