Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Is this a circus or something?! It makes me cringe every time they open their mouths."..Bachelorette 2013


It's Bachelorette season. If you are like me, and you love watching love unfold on national television, let's get started. 

Watching people make complete fools of themselves on national tv, while doing ridiculous things, The Bachelorette is for you.

Des(iree)--the bachelorette. She tells us of her rags to riches stories, as she sprawls out on a (california?) king bed. But goodness gracias, this chica is Boring. With a capital B. Instead of hearing her rant about how she wanted to share her life with someone, I was more concerned about what kind of candy they had put in those cute lil' apothecary jars on her bedside. Because, every morning, I get up & I need me a piece of candy.

Hubby joined in on the bachelor fun--and he was appalled at the caliber of men they picked this year. "Is this a circus or something?! It makes me cringe every time they open their mouths."

Within 30 seconds of the show starting, Des was already in tears. What a baby.

And that car? Sure it's a Bentley and everything...but let's get real. I was afraid she was going to crash if she started crying about something. Then I thought how awkward it would be to be those camera guys that were taking those shots of her in the car...they must have looked like stalkers...

Now to the Rose Ceremony/Party/Where the Freaks arrive:

Brad (wishybone): Wishbone was cute, but weird.

Brandon: Anyone else thinks he looks like Casey (from Emily's season?) The resemblance is striking.
KaseyBrandon Andreen

Kasey (#thehashtag): #canyoubemybestfriend #legit

Ben(mylittlekidwillwintheshowforme): how could you not win with that adorabs lil' kidlet?

Brian (mybestfriendswedding):
Brian Jarosinski
Doesn't he look like Rupert Everette (My Best Friends Wedding)?

Brooks(The Hair, THE HAIR): He seemed nice...

Briden (can't be eliminated first because he is a war veteran) : is that some sick Utah joke where two names are combined? (Brian and Aiden?) gag me.

Dan Cox

Diogo: Who told that poor soul it was a good idea to wear a 100+ lb suit of armor?

Drew (nicen'nervous): He seemed nice, but a little TOO nervous.

James: (Squidward): he looks like TOO perfect.
James Case

Jonathan (WHATTHECREEPER?!) What a creep. I wonder what kind of lawyer he is...cause he looked like he was on drugs.

Juan Pablo (Iwantmore): Uay for Juan pablo, seemed like a genuinely interesting guy...

Larry (pessimist101): I guess with a name like Larry, you can't help but being depressed.

Michael G: (apennyforyourthoughts): He seemed nice, a little fratboyish, but kewl

Nick (nowyouseemhimnowyoudont): Ah....he completed the ultimate magic trick, not getting a rose.

Zack K.: (moviestarquality): Loved him, except for the Converses. You don't have to wear lame shoes to stand out honey.

Zak W. (theshirtlesswonder): I'll be the first to admit, he's got a rockin' bod. But unfortunately, has the Michael Phelps syndrome (akin to Butter Face).

I was more excited for the previews of the Bachelorette than the actual choosing of her men.

Would this season just be great if she ran off with Chris? I mean, he's single and everything.

#tatafornow #bachelorette2013

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