Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Obsessed with Monograms

I'm totally obsessed with monograms. I mean, how cool and preppy do they make everything look? I went a little crazy and made some of these, just for inspiration. 

What do you think about monograms? Overrated? 
This is super professional. 

I feel like this could be on a wine label. 

A little grungy/professional?

This one reminds me of preppy football players, like the ones in the 1950s. 

Clean, beautiful. 

This looks like a firm. 

This should go on a clean pressed oxford shirt. 

Appropriate for a resume. 

A little over the top. 

Beautiful. But do you think this counts as a monogram?

This one looks like it's Neltje plus Granny. 

Sooo preppy. 

One of my faves. 

What a beaut. 

Want to make your own? Just go here

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