Monday, September 22, 2014

That One Time...

One time, a boy fell in love with a girl. They lived a perfectly normal existence in the comfort of the girl's hometown for almost two years.
Boy got into school. Boy is so smart, he gets into his dream school (Funny fact, admissions offered him an interview, but the director told him that there was a 1% chance he'd get in. Annnnd, he defied odds, and blew away the admissions council and got in!). Guess where the Grandelas are going?
Memphis, Tennessee.

Enter my life.
It's been just over a month since we've moved from comfortable, sleepy draper, to crazy, loving Memphis. And here's the best part, we don't even LIVE in Memphis! Technically, we live in Horn Lake, MS. It's been a whirlwind of a month, and I just want to document a little piece of the craziness that's been going on in our lives.
This whole move has been insane. Insane because I've never lived outside of Utah. Insane because we don't have family nearby. Insane because we are truly on our own. Insane because it's a 23 hour trip from Utah (if you drive). My fam bam was able to take the road trip with us (all 5 of us, including two cars, a Uhaul, and 2 dogs in tow).

Insane because Elan came home while I was in TN. Insane because I was able to procure the funds to actually go back home to Utah and see my family for a little bit! (I didn't get to see my lil sis because she's in Jerusalem!)

We've been truly blessed here. Sometimes I can't even believe how much Heavenly Father loves us. I just don't get it!

Since I LOVE bullet point lists so much, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the good, the bad, and the ugggly.

Things I Hate About Memphis
  • Verizon service absolutely sucks
  • The drivers are 100% certifiably CRAZY
  • The humidity
  • The bugs (they cause a ruckus at night!)
  • The apartment complex (we get rando notes in the middle of the night from management, and the gym 6 different remotes for their tvs--only ONE works #getittogether)
  • Narrow roads (I blew up a tire because I got too close to a curb)
  • The stake center is 45 min away (yeah, yeah #utahmormon)
  • The high prices to fly outta this place!
  • The neighbors above us
Things I'm On the Fence When It Comes to Memphis
  • Aldi's (it is the ghetto version of Wally World)
  • BBQ spaghetti (good? bad? I still can't decide)

Things I Kind-of-Sort-of-Like About Memphis
  • Our ward (our ward is phenomenal)
  • New friends (we've got a great group of 3 couples that are rockin')
  • BBQ (in this order: Rendezvous, Memphis BBQ Company, BBQ Shop, Central)
  • Shelby Park
  • Registering your car is as simple as having a Driver's license, proof of residency, and the title of the car
  • Gas is CHEAP!
  • T mobile rocks here--and t mobile is CHEAP!
  • They have a "Life is Good" store
  • Temp agencies rock
  • Our apt is HUGE (and we are paying about $30 more than we did in Draper--SCORE!)
 So here's to living in Memphis (and that the hubby graduates from optometry school!). While it's not my dream city (or my little Orem), I'd like to say I'm growing and learning everyday from this amazing experience.


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