Thursday, October 9, 2014

October: Latest Happenings

Phew! What a crazy couple of months!

We have been officially living in the South for over a month, and sometimes, it still doesn't feel real. There's been lots of growing pains, new cuisines tried, and experiences that I'll never forget.

So what's been up?

+It was my birthday. Hello being old. AND helllloooo to a new (and first) MK purse

+We went to Nashville. LOVE that city, even though I don't particularly fancy country music (BUT I DO fancy Blake Shelton...)

+Fall TV started up. Need I say more? We're obsessed with new shows (Gotham, Flash, The Voice...etc).

+We got called to be "Family History Consultants"...#atleastwearen'tinnursery

+Ran my second 5K 2 min faster than my first. Next goal..under 30 min. #yeahi'mfat

+Calvin, Hobbes & Carlos ran their first 5k!

+I'm trying to convince hubby to sign up for a half marathon. It can't be all that bad? #germantownhalfmarathon2015

+Conference weekend happened. #LDSconf I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated.

+Made the switch to T Mobile. Sorry Verizon, you sucked. Stayed with the iPhone 5c. NOT going to be paying a grand for the iPhone Plus. #toopoor

+Waiting and hoping for fall weather. It's still 80 degrees up in here, and me no likey.

+Just made the BEST ever chicken tacos. GET IN MY BELLY!!!

+Seriously contemplating fabric wall paper for the apartment. Am I crazy?

I am SOOOO excited for this next couple of months. #theholidaysarestarting We've got tons on our plate, and it's going to be a wild ride!


  1. Replies
    1. :) :) :) Thank you girly! {you ain't too bad yourself} :)

  2. So, half marathon in May? Done and doner.
    I've heard Gotham is good. Given your recommendation, I may just start watching.
    Aaaaaand, I'm so glad you are starting to listen to country music. Makes me so proud of you.

    1. H to the FREAKING yes. #butseriously #7monthstotrain
      Yes, it's really interesting to get the back story on comic book heroes. Also,Jada Pinket Smith is a totally bad a in it.
      Broadening my horizons?