Monday, July 27, 2015

Have You Heard? Baby G is Coming!

After 3 years of marriage, we decided we wanted to add a little peanut to the mix. (I mean, with 2 dogs already, we want a full house!!!) 

We are completely in LOVE with these photos we were able to get! 
As of today, I am 13 weeks, 3 days. Almost done with my first trimester! 

On our first doctor's appointment, we were able to see the little bean. It was completely surreal. You know when you picture a completely loving moment between husband and wife--ours was NOT like that. I was pretty freaked out, and Carlos could tell on my face. Our ultrasound tech was super nice, but she could tell that I was NOT comfortable. 

We were able to hear the heartbeat on the second ultrasound, and it is completely incredible that I'm growing someone! All we hope is that he/she is healthy and strong. :) 


  • ALL of the gummy candies (seriously, my desk is FULL of gummy bears, worms, sour gummies, any type of gummy I can get my hands on!) 
  • Eggs (for er'y breakfast) 


  • I'm one of those lucky ones that hasn't felt sick one bit since getting preggo--sorry. #notsorry in fact, because I was expecting sickness, I took 5 different pregnancy tests just to make sure it was true! I still can't believe it!  
  • I've been getting a little bit of back pain, but I think I'll take it over anything else! 
  • Weight gain: none. Because I haven't felt sick, I've been able to continue my regular workout routine, and I haven't felt too much bloating.
  • Tired. I can say I am tired all of the time. I could probably go to sleep at 8 pm every night and be perfectly happy. But Carlos says that I've always been like this soooooo

Other Baby FAQ:

  • We will be finding out sex ASAP! I want to know so I can start buying ALL OF THE BABY things! I've only been able to buy grays and yellows so far. #sadface
  •  Since we live in Mississippi, but work/go to school in Tennessee, we have the luxury choosing what state Baby G will be born in: hands down, TN. 
  • Baby G stands for Grandela (not girl). 

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