Friday, May 13, 2011

YogurtLand: All Out of Yogurt and Nowhere to go?

Welcome to YogurtLand.Welcome to my life.

Welcome to the land of yogurt.
Welcome to the land of indecision.

I have been looking forward to YogurtLand all day. It's been a really long day, I had a fight with my boy. I am just waiting to get me some of that delicious (and nutritious) yogurt! The Crew (consisting of Cecilly, Kristie, and I) head on over to the Holy Land.

We get there--and I was ready to get the usual. Guava Pineapple yogurt
with red poppers. They were out--of both. I couldn't believe my

Really? Really?

What was I going to do? I always get that. I never diverge from what I get at YogurtLand, it's my staple.

I looked from the plain yogurt to the red velvet cake. I had no idea which one I was going to choose. Kristie and Cecilly paid and sat down.

I was still at a loss. Which one do I choose? Which one do I want? Will I be happy with my choice? Which toppings do I choose? I can't possibly make the right combination in such a sort amount of time. Could I ever make the right combination?

I take my yogurt choices very seriously.

I settle
d with the plain--the very uncreative--plain yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips. Safe. Predictable.

It makes me wonder. With everything that has happened. With my jobs, with school, with my boy. I can't seem to make the right combi
nation. Am I stuck always choosing the safe path? The one that I know will lead to my happiness?

I have all these options laid out before me. Just like toppings. What do I do? Do I stay with the one that I am 86% sure that I love? Do I stay with the the job that I can have the most stability with?
Do I go for the plain yogurt with strawberry and chocolate chips?

Or. . .

Do I go for the combination that I have never had before? Do I go for the Red Velvet with the Graham, mixed with a little of the Mint Cookie, and topped with some cheesecake bits and drizzled with chocolate?

Plain or Something that I have never had before?

This is the question that I have pondered this past week.
Now it comes to putting it in the cup at YogurtLand.

Will I regret my choice right after I buy it? Will I be dissatisfied with what I chose? Will I be glad I chose something different, or will I regret that I took the leap?

Oh Yogurtland---you make me think.

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