Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Testing Centers are EVVVVVIIIIILLLLL

If I could list all of the things that make me crazy, like hoppin' mad, I'd probably be here all night.

So, I'll just narrow in on just one thing  that has managed to make me go bonkers in the past couple of days.

The Testing Center

Maybe I've just been pampered at BYU, or whatever, but they have this lovely thing called charging it to your account, which means, if you have to pay a late fee or buy a pencil or something, it is charged to your student account, and you don't have to cough up the money right there and then.

At UVU, you have to pay cash or check.

Who even uses a check these days? Your grandma, I bet.
Nobody freaking uses checks. 

For some reason or another, I had a $5 bill floating around, and I used to pay the evil testing center.

Let's face it, all testing centers are evil.
It's a fact.

I'm tired.
I hate money.

11 days.
Oh yay.
Oh joy.

Heaven help our families.


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