Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never know what you'll find

Yesterday I went to the restroom and I was minding my own business, (aka thinking about how much I needed to do in a short amount of time, and how I was going to accomplish it--aka focusing on ME)

Then, out of nowhere, I heard a small voice, "How are classes going for you?"

I almost bolted out of there because I normally hate talking to people anywhere, especially in the bathroom.

I looked and it was an elderly woman, with a sweet smile waiting for my response. Grreeeat. Now I HAD to talk to her. There was no getting out of this one. Poop.

Then, I decided that I may have something to learn from this elderly woman, and if not, why not enhance my people skills? So I took the leap, and I did go out of my comfort zone.

And guess what? I learned something from this sweet, old lady. We ended up talking for about 15 minutes. I never found out her name, but I just learned some little things, I learned to LOVE school, to always follow my dreams, and to never pass up an opportunity (no matter how small it may seem).

She had just graduated from Humanities because she had never finished school. She made me promise to always go forward with my dreams. To never let anyone get in my way. And I think the boy I've found will always be there to help me in my dreams, even if I make him wait. And that makes him all the more attractive to me.

And that really inspired me, I have a renewed sense and desire to go to law school. I honestly don't care where, I would love to go out of state, anywhere. But I think that this year of no school will benefit me in ways that I can't imagine.

This friendly lil' chat really made an impact on me. It's so interesting to realize how seemingly simple conversations can really change you--for the better.

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