Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Life Could Be a Movie

Play this song when you are reading this post!

Have you ever walked 500 miles? Would you walk 500 miles?
I know I would.

This is what happened to me today.
I went to work.
I cried at work.
I thought about how I wanted my life to end.

I had no car.
I couldn't even tell the person that I love--that I loved them.

Was that going to stop me?

Was I going to find a way?

How was I going to get to that boy Carlos and tell him that I loved him (and wanted him back)--when a mere 5 days I had told him I didn't want to? That was going to be a doozy--but I didn't care. I had love on my side.

Step 1: I left work.
I told my boss that I was feeling sick and needed to go home. It's true--I was sick--LOVE SICK. Tomato,'s all the same right?

Step 2: I walked 5(00) miles.
I had no car, and no cash. My battleship was sunk. But I wasn't going to let that stop me. My bank was 5 miles away. I got my walking on--I was going to do this. The above song is what kept me going. Cars whizzed by, I got sweaty, I got tired, I was hungry, but I didn't care--it could have started pouring cats and dogs and I would have kept walking/slowly running. I wish I had a camera crew filming my epic journey--it would have been one for the movies.

Step 3: Get to the Bank/ Stick it to the Man
I had to get some monies out. I also got a couple of checks for my apartment complex, and my mom--who has been harassing me about paying my car. I AM GOING TO GET MY CAR BACK.

Step 4: Board the Bus
By far the easiest part. I called UTA (1800-RIDE-UTA) and a nice lady told me all about the routes I needed to take. It was like the part of the movie when the guy/girl realizes that she can't let the person he/she loves and people help them find their lover. I wanted to tell everybody what I was doing so they could cheer for me. Also get hit on by creepy UTA-ers. Scary stuff.

Step 5: Get to Carlos'
My plan (I had previously google calendar stalked him) and knew I was going to get there between his classes. I donned my onesie (which I had worn for our first date), grabbed my snuggle monkey and biked there. I broke into his apartment. I had Cec text him so he wouldn't die of terror when he walked into his apartment. I waited patiently. . .


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