Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life Seriously Can't Get Crazier

After a whirlwind of excitement, (and it's still not over yet), I have decided I am probably the most blessed person ever. 

I mean, let's get real. Instead of focusing on what has gone wrong: my engagement ring broke, the wedding date is causing serious issues, Carlos' car is dead, everyone is annoyed with each other. . .let's focus on what is totally awesome: 

1. We got a scooter. Like a super cute one. Like, one that I can't wait to ride around. And that Carlos and I are going to have the most fabulous summer with.

2. I have the best fiance. I can call him whenever, and he will offer me the best words of encouragement, love, anything I need. 

3. I got into business school. 

Wait, WHAT? 

Yes, me. I am going to be a business woman. 
When I got that letter in the mail, my hands were a'shakin--mostly because I was bracing myself for the fact that I would just have to 'try again next year'. The letter seemed pretty thin, and my prospects were low. I did score better on the GMAT *my second go* but I didn't get the score that I was really hoping for. 

Yet, as I opened the letter, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. 
I had resigned to just planning my wedding, and looking forward to supporting Carlos in all his endeavors. 

My eyes scanned the page, bracing myself, I read the first word, "Congratulations"...
I was IN! 

I am *hopefully* going to be starting my MBA program at UVU this Fall. I still have to take 12 credits before officially starting the program--which is going to prove interesting with all of the other things I have going on (ie: work, wedding, taking care of my fiance). It was the only business school I applied to, and it was really my only choice. 

I am so glad that I get to stress out about this. 
Like, so totally blessed. 

So, wedding date? 
No idea. 

No idea. 

All I know is that I love Carlos, and I am getting my MBA. 

Life has it's ups and down, but it does work in mysterious ways. 


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