Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey now, hey now...

This is what dreams are made of. Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are madddddeee of! Ah, I love that song. Hilary duff throwback! This is what dreams are made of. . . I remember singing that song at the top of my lungs with my best friend Cec. Those were the days. But so is today, and yesterday, and the day before that. :)

Life is hard--and sometimes people are stupid. I found the cutest apartment which I was going to move in December. Two days ago, the girl that was selling the contract told me that she had prayed about it, and it didn't "feel right". Feelings and promptings from the spirit are all fine and dandy but you don't have to tell someone you hardly know. I really don't care. Especially when you screw me over when it comes to housing.

Last sat was carlos' birthday! It was a splendid day. I had so many things I wanted to buy him, but I think I'll save them for Christmas. ;) we went to tucanos and then watched contagion. I was freaking out the entire time. It's about this strain of virus, like h1-n1 that threatens to wipe out society. I was having a freak out baby. I got my sweetheart some awesome shades that he looks absolutely dashing in. I also got him some cds for all of his music--but feel stupid that I didn't get a car adapter for his iPod--which was obviously what he wanted more....bad girlfriend. I also framed a puzzle that he was working on--see below if you want to see the finished product. :)

We made some deelsih pizza. Homemade that is. Can you guess which one is mine?
If you chose the first one, you were right. Mine was kind of ugly compared to Carlos' artisan pizza. But, I think mine tasted better ;) 
My family (well, mostly Ciggs and my mom) worked on finishing this puzzle. Doesn't it look great? 
We carved pumkins. It is was soo fun. Mine was the one in the middle. :) 
This is what it looks like on my commute to work. I don't think that my phone fully captured the scene. But it is so beautiful. 

This was a long week. But somehow, I made it through. I wonder what this weekend will bring. . .

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