Monday, October 31, 2011

Freshman Friends and Old Friends. . .

Sometimes I think I might be the craziest person alive.
But then, I hang out with Kristie and Cec and then I know I am not.
I've missed the crazy times that we used to have. I do not exaggerate--they were crazy. Mostly fun.
Good times. We went to a crepe shoppe to try it out--and boy was it yummy. We also had a good chat about boys, rings, and marriage. How could you not? It was therapeutic to talk to Cec and Kristie.

Saw my old freshman friend--played racquetball with him. Being with him only wanted me to be with Carlos more. (But Carlos was sleeping) So I let my freshman friend take me to Yogurtland--it was the least I could do. ;) It was fun to see him and talk to him. He said some really interesting things that about love. Of course we were discussing Carlos.

Hanging out with Carlos' friends was fun as well! I got to make them buffalo chicken bites--inspired by Pinterest of course. Carlos and I laughed about how we were washing dishes, cleaning up and cooking when we were there. We are kind of old. We all went to a haunted corn maze--which was the epitome of Halloween. I guess they are more my friends as well.
Sometimes it's kind of funny how used to him I am. In a good way. More and more it feels like we are singular rather than separate. It's all about us. Not about one of us.

It was great to hang out with people and see how much I have changed. It may not be noticeable to them--but I feel different. Each time, I realize, that Carlos is my best friend. We might disagree over some things, and we might just like to bother each other as well. But so it goes with best friends. You take the best with the worst.

The holidays are approaching. And so are some major things that I will get to do.

It's all going to work out. It all wil.
It always does.

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