Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun, fun till the daddy takes the t-bird away..

This weekend/week has been full of fun. Seriously. Carlos and I went to the Big A** concert up in SLC. it was his early b-day present...shhh. He has many more coming, but I can even decide what I want to give him.

Then I got to thinking--while we heard all of these bands--about my Heavenly Father. I don't normally go all preachy--but I think it's time I do. Instead of enjoying the music. I was enjoying the architecture. Instead of screaming for the bands, I watched the people drinking beer. Instead of banging my head up and down, I marveled how God made people so similar but yet, so different. Instead of singing along with the music, I was busy marveling at the giant sun dial that was in the Gallavan Center. Instead of grinding with people, I was busy thinking about how much I love Carlos and how I cant wait until I can marry him. Yes--I know I'm an odd little birdy, and my thoughts probably don't make any sense. but, being at the concert really got me thinking about who I am.

And I got a short list:
I love my Heavenly Father
I get mad easily
I have a love affair with the Internet
I sometimes like to whip my hair back and forth
I always take as many fortune cookies as I can when I go to Pei Wei
I want to marry Carlos sometime
I don't know what I want to do when I grow up
I could never put windshield wipers on my car without my dad
I stalk people via their google calendars
I'm awkward when I talk on the phone
Stayfocsd is my third best friend (Cec and Carlos tie for first)
Deep down I want to be able to cook
I pin when I get bored
I ate taco bell today

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