Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dreams are weird little things. Ok. I take that back--they are weird huge things.

Anyways. So my dreams have been quite vivid lately. And, I don't really think it's a good thing. Let me tell you why. . .

So I love this one boy. To death. (not that I want to kill him or anything, except he sometimes annoys me so much I do). Things have been getting extremely serious. I'm loving it. I expect nothing more. But my dreams have been causing me some struggle.

Dream #1:
There's this boy that I kind of sort of dated. In this first dream--he came to me (he is married btw--so it's not like this would ever even happen) and told me that he needed me and he missed me. He took me on a wild South American adventure. After that, we had to live in hiding because his wife was looking for us.

I have no idea what that dream means. It's not driving me crazy, just making me laugh at how weird I am. Sure, I may never get over this kid--even my dreams tell me so.

Dream #2:
This had to do with a guy that I totally was friends with when I did Sports Camps. I saw him at the gym, he came over and we talked for a little bit. He pulled me in, and ya know---let's just say that I would have owed my roommates ice cream. If you don't know what I am talking about--too bad. But let me say, his breath smelled really, really bad.

This one just made me laugh. I am a weirdy. I never had any relations with this counselor, and my dreams obviously don't make any sense.

Dreams make me think. For some, they may think--"you are definitely not over these guys, you need to go out and get 'em!" For me, it just makes me realize how much Carlos means to me. And you know who I'd rather see in my dreams? Him. Dreams are sometimes fun to analyze and think about--but not too long. They would probably drive me crazy.

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