Saturday, March 24, 2012

. . .

What a Friday.
So many tears.

I want to go to business school so badly.
It almost hurts.
I take the GMAT next Sat.

During conference.
Conflict of interest?
I think so.

Carlos thinks I focus on silly things.
They might be silly to him, but not to me.
I'm tired.

Moving up to Thanksgiving point for work.
I don't know if it's worth it.
I love everyone there though.
Not to mention I got to take home a kick-a@@ mac over the weekend.

I'm scared I'll break it.
It's so pretty.
I'm silly.

It's Saturday.
One more week.
Pooping in my pants?
Of course.

Temple always puts everything in perspective.
Even when you get annoyed.

Cookies and Cinnamon toast crunch.
So much for a diet.

Just can't wait for mawwiage.


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