Friday, March 2, 2012

Hanging with the Bestie

Seriously, what a glorious week it has been.
I've been on cloud 9 for about 3 days straight.
It's been incredible, wonderful.

Anyways, my greatest gal-pal, Cec (who recently got her mission call and is involved in a slew of activities) texted me and told me her day was open. I lept at the chance to hang out with her. Our outings have been few and far in between. (Mostly because we used to live with each other and would practically spend every waking moment together).

We decided on a splendidly simple, yet "totally us" day. It worked out perfectly because Carlos had a test to stress about, and I didn't want to be bothering him about it.

The gym and Yogurtland.
You can't get better than that.

We killed ourselves at the gym, musing about how we were glad that we didn't choose Yogurtland first. It would have been all over the gym floor.

Then, in true Neltje and Cec fashion, we embarked on an adventure.

Cec had given some people a ride.

They forgot their wallet in her car.

She, being the good person she is, had to return it to them.  On a practically empty tank of gas. I was a shiverin' that we would get stranded in a sketch neighborhood.

I was along for the ride. Quite lit'rally. We concluded that we wouldn't get murdered because Cec was going on a mission, and I'm getting married. We are basically death-proof right now. Right? Right?

After a couple awkward  moments at the door of a guy that couldn't understand Cec (and she the same), we departed, off to The Land.

Oh The Land.
Good chats and yogurt.

Nothing beats best friends and yogurt.
Except for being engaged to the love of your life.
Cheese. I know.
Sorry 'bout that.
Can't help it.


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