Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Santa

I love the holidays. I love Christmas. This is the first holiday that I've had someone very special to share it with--I am unbelievably excited. The holidays can get stressful, and here the the top things that I must do before Christmas is over.

My holiday wish list:

1. See the lights at Temple Square

2. See the lights at Thanksgiving Point

3. Go ice skating

4. Have a snowball fight

5. Go to Utah Lake when it's frozen and go ice fishing

6. Shopping. . .for sparkly things :)

7. Festival of Trees (Sandy)

8. Sledding (in Park City--on tubes)

9. Meeting Carlos' family (I do this no matter what! :) super excited!)

10. Get kissed at Temple Square amidst all of the lights (yes, cheesy girl wish)

Happy holidays. Cross your fingers I get to do everything on my list. :)

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