Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sundance. . .and Interview Thoughts

I just came back from an interview at Sundance. Ah. I love that place. I practically grew up there. I applied to be a ski instructor there!

I don't get myself sometimes. I always want more to do. It's like this summer, when I was working full-time at Boostability and studying for the LSAT and I had sports camps. I was a crazy lil' one. I love when my life is so busy though. I would rather be running around than lounging about. That's just me. So, my plan with ski instructing is to work 3 days a week (I would be part time) and somehow have time to apply to business school and keep up a relationship with my Carlos.

The interview questions that Sundance gave me were: oddly insightful. I commend them on the questions.

One: What do you think your purpose in life is?
Um, what? This is just a job interview to be a ski instructor. Not like a Peace Core thing. I kind of chuckled at the question, and then the interviewer gave me a funny look. Sorry, I thought that the question was just so probing! 

How can Sundance help you on your quest in life?
Quest? Really? I never thought of my life like that. . .but, if you want to put my life in epic terms--I guess you could call it a quest. 

Oh Sundance. I love that place. My interviews went well. The interview is in 3 parts. So far, I've made it past 2 rounds. It was really interesting to see the other applicants. Sometimes I feel bad for the people applying. For the second round of interviews (I am pretty sure the first one was to make sure that you weren't a serial killer or something) I had to wait for a guy in front of me to complete his interview. And, it was really easy to hear what was going on. (Of course I listened in--I tried to read about Steve Jobs (yes I have the biography) but I couldn't focus) Isn't that the smart thing to do?

I thought his interview went pretty well. He had the interviewee laughing and he said some good things (Yes, I took note). But, he didn't get the golden ticket to the next round. Guess how I found out? Because I made it past the second round. I guess the guy was so impressed with my skills that he informally invited me to the 3 round. He even gave me his card and phone number so I wouldn't forget. The round where they take us to Brighton! I am stoked!
I could do that---right?!

Sometimes I wonder when I am going to grow up and get a real person job. I guess I already have one, but I am attracted to positions like ski instructors and sports camp counselors. Does that say something about me? I guess I will always be a kid at heart.

Carlos found out he got a scholarship! I am so proud of him! He's been studying all week for tests and stuff. I'm waiting for him to come pick me up right now. . .

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