Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cry Me a River

Staying up late redesigning the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I have had a tough week--blame it on the womanly woes. My poor Carlos has had to deal with me literally bawling my head off. And I do not exaggerate. My tears soaked his jackets and his shirts. He didn't do anything wrong, no one has done anything wrong to me. I just need to cry. And cry a lot. I spend a night crying, getting over it, being happy for 10 min and then crying some more. I think that's all I've done this break is cry.

C even resorted to buying me Cafe Rio, it made me calm for a lil' bit, then the tears ensued.

All I do is cry, cry, cry.

Cry me a river? Yeah, I think I've cried a lake.

Yeah--I have no life. Sue me.

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