Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday lights and Reception Nights

I had the most wonderful evening with my Carlos. We first went to one of my best friend's wedding reception. She is a childhood friend that I have known since I was probably 8 years old. So we've known each other for good lil while now. It was so strange to finally realize how grown up I am becoming. Friends getting married, graduating, what's next, babies in a baby carriage. :P

After the wedding reception, I begged Carlos to take me to the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point. :) It is on my holiday bucket list after all. Let me tell you, that was the most fun that we've had in like, a day. We've been having some fun times. Last night, we went holiday shopping and then we made some nummy enchiladas. :) Bring on the holidays. 

We went a little mental while waiting to see the lights. Mental meaning, I was opening the car door, and Carlos was slamming on the breaks kind of mental. We probably laughed the whole time we were in there, and people thought we were annoying, but w. 
While we were waiting we took some daaang good pics. Aren't we the hottest thing that you've ever seen? 
This one cracks me up. Yeah, this is us, in a nutshell. 
Yay for the holidays. Yay for love, and yay for Virginia in 9 days. Is it sad I'm more excited for Virginia than Christmas? 

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