Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry kunishmas...

I love the holidays. I can't wait to have my mini Christmas with Carlos and leave for va tomorrow!! Excited doesn't begin to cover it.

Carlos began our holiday weekend by bringing me flowers at work. I was so embarrassed but so excited. I love when he brings me flowers. :)

We then went to Bombay house and got delicious Indian food. Then, I got this awesome groupon where we could go ice skating for cheeeeeep! CheAp I say! Carlos had never been--ever--so we had a blast. He never fell once! We didn't stay long because we had to go see the lights at temple square!

They were so beautiful but it was so
Cold! I guess I didnt bundle up like I should. Have...ooops. It was so fun to sit and enjoy the holidays with my love. :)

Family time was fun. I got to see the cousins and Carlos got to go to Christmas eve dinner with my moms side of the family. It was great. So much yummy food. My family is now accepting that Carlos and I are pretty serious--just wish he'd hurry up already. Hahah. O well...

I felt like a certified adult with my gifts. I mostly got clothes, which was fun--I guess. :p it was fun to be with the siblings because who knows where élan will be next year!!!

Packing for the trip to va. Can't believe it. Hope it's great--I'm sure it will be! I'm with Carlos!

Carlos and I had our own mini Christmas. I got him a recipe book for all of our recipes, a gift certificate for archery lessons (totally bad a--I know) and a USB thingy for his car. :) my family even got him a cashmere sweater and a puzzle :) I got a cookbook (yum) and a zombie book! I think Carlos is telling me I need to read more...

I was more excited to give gifts this year than receive them--which probably means I'm an oldie! O well..

Here's to a new year--let's see what this one will bring!

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