Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As of late...

Carlos and I went to the Sugar House Barbecue Company. Apparently, it was the best bbq in Utah for 10 years running. I will have to disagree with that statement. I got it because of GoogleOffers (love of my life) which gave us this fantastic deal of $20 of bbq for only $5. How could I pass that up? However, we still had a fun time with Stacy and Scott who joined us in our adventure! 
Making popcorn. Let me just say how obsessed I am with it! I found that I bond over popcorn with my mom. We talked about the future, Carlos, marriage, the works--all over a bowl of popcorn. 
Spending time with the love of my life. On Sunday, I only go to see him for an hour, but it was ok because I visited him at the MTC. He took me on a tour of the magical place (which is a mysterious place for those who have not served missions).  It was exciting, because Elan is going to be there in less than a year! 
Free Sammies. O happy day! We certainly love that place. Carlos has been working a lot more lately, and even though it's been kind of a strain, it's been fun to switch up schedules to be able to spend time with each other. 
This boy is probably the sweetest that I know. After a completely typical meltdown, he came to my house after work (which was around 11:30 pm) and handed my a sweet, sweet handwritten letter. How I love that boy's letters. They mean the world to me. He is the sweetest, bestest, handsomest man. :) 
To die for cake balls. Oh yummy day. How I love the holiday treats. This just means I have to spend more time at the gym :P 

Happy holidays. I am so excited to go to Virginia to meet Carlos' family. I just can't say it enough! :) 

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  1. How are you NOT engaged yet??!?!? I keep waiting for the inevitable:)