Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals survival kits

Even though I am not in school right now, I am still feeling the pressure of finals. Mostly because every one I associate with has em. Carlos, my brother, Cec. . .(I've got other friends promise) And, I am studying for the GMAT which I take in about a month. I am stoked. So, this morning (I may or may not have gotten to work a lil' late), I ran over to Carlos' to drop off a Finals Survival Kit. It was filled with his favorite goodies. I didn't take too many pics, mostly because I was driving when I took these, but you get the idea. The box was where I got some of my Christmas presents from--I love those boxes--they are so thick and sturdy! :) 
I want the below picture in my future home. Isn't that just the best? 
This is what I do when I study for the GMAT. It's no fun. Haha. (Especially when I realize that I will have taken the LSAT and the GMAT within the same year--might as well take the GRE for good measure eh?) 

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  1. Ummm, love your face.

    And feel free to bring fat kid food to me anytime you want. :)