Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changing Plans. . .

Ah changing plans. 
Yesterday Carlos had to work, but found out that the guy that wanted him to work had the wrong date. 
Previously, we were both bummed because we didn't think we'd be doing much together. 

Luckily, his plans changed. 
He didn't have work after all! 

Instead, we had an enjoyable evening at Yogurtland and finally watching The Hunger Games. 
Loved it, but still, Katniss just doesn't do it for me. 

Peeta and Gale are beyond amazing, but Katniss just doesn't have that toned look that I thought she'd have. 

here are some of the things I'm loving on the interweb: 

This engagement shoot from Style Me Pretty
I just hope Carlos and I can pull off something like this: 

Isn't it just gorgeous? 
I love the simplicity, but how radient they are. 
Cheesy, I know. 
But I love it. 

And this is just funny. But adorable. 


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