Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike rides and Love

On Sunday, Carlos and I took a leetle bike ride. 
To say our week has been frustrating, is an understatement. 

As was so eloquently put by my love, "we lost ourselves". 

Here's to my honey bunny, 
here's to how much i love him. 

Sunday was just so gosh dang beautiful. 

Sneaky pics of him. :) oh, and the landscape. 

The pics of the flowers he got me. So lovely. 

You can find beauty everywhere. 
Can you spot the heart? 

Though it gets rough, the only person I want by my side is Carlos. 
And our families. 
I could never abandon them. 

I guess I have to learn to really love Carlos' family as my own. Since they will be. 

I guess I'm more selfish than I realize. 
I take my family for granted. 
I take a lot of things for granted. 

I'm so blessed for everything I have. 
Thank you for everyone that loves me. 

I'll try harder. 

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