Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Decided to get down with my crafty self this weekend.

I made a look book for my wedding.


So much for getting bridesmaids stuff done.

I fail at getting things done.

Changed my mind about bridesmaids dresses. 

They are definitely going to be silver. 

Didn't see Carlos on Saturday. Sad face.

Instead, I got Costco gas cards, IKEA runs, and kickboxing.

Did you know there is evidence of procrastination in the Book of Mormon?

Learned that in Sunday school.

Carlos came to church with me.

That was fun.

Easter came and went.

It was gorgeous.

Cute Easter dresses.

Awkward meetings at work.

Those are always fun.

I feel like I'm on drugs.
I'm groggy.
Even though I got 8+ hours of sleep.

Biking today.

Short sentences.

That's just the mood I'm in today.

Currently loving this engagement shoot idea.  


Want this photo: 


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