Tuesday, April 10, 2012

O The Mem'rys

Yesterday was a day of realization for me.

After another wonderful (but short) day with my honey bunny, I was faced with cleaning up things around the house. Since I have moved home, my mom has taken the opportunity to purge all of my belongings to ensure that I live in the way she wants me to. I've had to pack away my belongings and clean them up.

For the next time I move out, it will be for good.

Along with cleaning up things, I have had the chance to go through things that I haven't seen in a while. Old journals, funny notes, sentimental letters, and old photographs.

By going through these things, I have realized that I am starting a completely new chapter in my life.

I am one that loves to keep things for memories. The one that loves to keep the ticket stub from the movies, and fliers from concerts past. I can spend hours reminiscing about the past with a single photograph, or a letter read.

However, as good as memories are, that's just what they are to me now. I will forever remember the letters that took me hours to write, the friends that I missed, the boys that I had crushes on, the girls that I longed to be like. . .

I am no longer a young woman pining for missionaries.
I am a woman getting married to her best friend.

I am no longer a care-free teen.
I am a (silly) adult with responsibilities--that I tend to forget.

I'm not saying I've grown up, and I'm old and boring.
I'm saying that I am in a new chapter in my life, where I am not worrying about suitors, or being the most popular.

I am focused on loving my best friend, and so excited to start a new life with him.

Look at all of these letters I had! 

Who even has PRINT copies of photos anymore? I felt pretty old. . .

I miss her. 

EFY. Enough said. 

*I thought this post would be lighter, but it turned into a reflective post. :)  Photobucket

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