Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tales of a Tuesday

The weekend treated us well. We finally picked up our little car. It's all ours. It's registered. We are now poor again. But we have a new car! It's pretty cray-cray to actually be doing real kid stuff now. 

Carlos has been dying to get a new phone--he's converted to ze iPhone--but since we are bargain hunters/don't really have any money...we are waiting to get the iPhone for freee....we've gone to the Sprint store twice this weekend (once we waited 40 minutes to get it) only to find out...it's not free just yet. Yeesh a mama. We just want a stupid free phone. 

Turns out, waiting can be pretty awesome. I got this cute ribbon for $2 Only. (please tell me you know what I'm referencing to--the chip bags....)
I love those chips...yummaroo.

Well I got this ribbon for on the cheap. And the best part was the place I bought it at has nothing to do with crafts. But even better, they gave me an option to donate 5 LIL CENTS to charity. High five to that company...imagine if everyone gave that much on everything they bought?

And just to be fat kids this weekend, we got a Chick-fil-a party tray...for two. 
We got comfy with Parks and Rec (which we may have watched all 4 seasons in about 3 weeks--nbd--we are obsessed) and enjoyed a splendiferious weekend. 

Random, jumbled thoughts...from the mind of a quite random, jumbled girl. 

And I still can't get enough of Gangnam style. 
We danced to it yesterday. 
At midnight. 
After a nap at 7 pm. 


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