Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Sometimes we head up to SLC for a night of yummy mexican food at Red Iguana. 
Maybe I already want to go back there. 
Sometimes we go to Bookdocks for work parties, but we don't win anything in the raffle. Such is life. But we do get awesome prizes (which we won in the arcade), which we proceed to lose in less than an hour. 

Sometimes we have plans to hike Timp, but the weather slaps us upside the head and says, "NO". 
The night we were going to hike Timp, we were awoken by a torrential downpour and loud cracks of thunder. Good thing we were tired, and opted not to go. 

Sometimes we buy the cutest chairs, but get two different sizes. Sometimes I think we are disabled. But hubs likes the taller one, and I prefer the smaller one. His and Hers, nbd. 

Sometimes we get super crafty, and make things for the bedroom--but forget to take pictures. 
Sometimes we make Cowboy Caviar. 
Which is beyond delicious, btw. 

Ah weekend, where did you go? 


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