Monday, September 10, 2012

Good News and Home Improvement

Good news! :) We done (almost) got ourselves a brand-spanking new car! How awesome is that? It is pictured below...(me in my gym clothes--I just came from Zumba--holla!)
We got a great deal on this car, it's still under the factory warranty and it only has about 8,000 miles. Brand new I say! :) 
We just have to wait for financial stuff to clear, but we have a cute little car! And it is manual, buuut that's ok, since my bug is manual anyways and we are used to driving cars that way. 

And a home improvement project. 
I started with these boring jars: 

I filled them with flour and sugar, but they were just so drab. 
I then found some adorable chalkboard stickers, for only $0.43!!!

So, armed with my chalkboard stickers, $0.77 chalk, and a steady hand, I made these little beauties. 
So much cuter, and super easy. 

I love our little house. It's so fun to make it all our own. 

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