Thursday, February 17, 2011

This time...I stand up for myself.

Ever noticed how you can have one great day and then the rest of the week sucks? That's exactly what happened to me. I started off my week on Valentine's day, the day of love. And lemme tell ya--it was successful. :)

Then, everything went down-hill from there. I am trying not to be dramatic, but that's what it felt like.

That was my week.

But I learned, not to get in the thick of thin things. Worthy words. I had a really hard time with school. As in, I had about one MILLION projects due, and yes, I put them off last minute.

I also had a really hard time with my family. My mom is completely against me dating someone (seriously) with all her heart, mind, might and strength. She seems to think that this one is a "re-bound", Which, in a sense, isn't everyone you get in a relationship with after that "first one" a rebound? But, this one, oh THIS one, is the farthest sense from a rebound. (This will be addressed in another post). Anyways, my mother. Every time I tried to tell her that I was dating Him, she would give me a huge long speech about how dating was bad. How dating was EVIL. Every time I talked on the phone, I just felt at a loss of what to tell her. I wanted her to know--she's one of my best friends. And it has been so hard. Even "going behind her back" for about a week. I had to literally take a stand for what I wanted to do. It made me think about it even more--about how much I want to be with him. I guess my mom didn't understand because she never dated anyone but my dad. And I had to fight for my points. I have never done this with my mom--and it was weird. But liberating at the same time.

But, this helped me decide. I really do like this chap. A lot. And I decided to go for it--to stand up for myself. To take a stand. I told my mom on Sunday, that we were dating. Eeeeeeek!!!

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