Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not a Whole Lotta Roommate Lovin'

It was a normal night. Carlos and I had just finished making some deelish dinner. Meatballs, spaghetti, and garlic bread. Yum, yum, yum! We usually have pretty long days on Wednesday, so we were ready to hit the temple and just relax. I got Carlos to watch the Bachelor and we were content to be with each other. I'm always happy to be with him. :)

One thing turned into another, and we were watching a show, lounging about--like we usually do, and the roommates came out of their rooms. Let me tell you, getting a single room was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I wasn't ready to deal with someone else that I didn't know. And after being spoiled with Cec as my roommate-roommate, if it wasn't going to be her, it wouldn't suffice. Most of the time I keep to myself. I'm gone most of the day, working from 7-3, which is quite possibly the nicest schedule I could ask for.

Anyways. My roommates keep to themselves, they are quiet girls, and don't have many people over. Which, there is nothing wrong with that. Carlos is over a ton, but it hasn't been a bother since everyone is usually in their own rooms and they all go to bed at 10.
(I'm sure this is what my roommates want to do to me--or Carlos) 

So, I started ticking Carlos. The roommates were in the room, but we weren't being obnoxious or anything. So I thought.

(This was said while someone with an Irish accent that was practically yelling) 

"What are you doing? That looks really awkward. Wow that is really awkward. Could you have some consideration? You guys need to have some respect for us, I mean, co'mon. That's really rude to pretend like we aren't even here. You guys need to act normal and stop acting like you guys are married."


Um, ok?

Sometimes girls suck because they keep everything bottled up inside. This is a great example of this. It was annoying to think that everything was ok and then someone blew up about it.

I'm over it anyways. Guess Carlos and I will be spending more time at his apartment (which sometimes smells like butt). No worries, we even bought a scented candle. Go us.

I can't wait until my only roommate is Carlos. :)

No one reads this anyways, and I thought to vent this on my own little personal space.  Photobucket


  1. I read this!
    And... wow.... Valentine's Day really put a cramp in her style.
    Love the compliment of being spoiled to be roommies roommies. Pretty much the solid truth. I mean, what can I say? :)

    You can chill at my apt. It doesn't smell like butt 35% of the time. ha ha

  2. Hey neltje, I have NO idea how I came across your blog.... But I did and I love it :) I sympathize on the whole awkwardroommatebecauseyouhavealover situation haha. It sucks and I'm sorry. Congrats on getting engaged, and I hope your wedding plans are coming along well!