Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yipidee Day (aka Valentine's)

Oh what a marvelous day. I couldn't ask for more, well, I mean, I could, but that might be a little greedy. (engagement anyone?) :) Heh, heh. Just to be clear, Carlos and I are romantics, and we love V day, but, we had to make ours extra special because it was our year anniversary. I could hardly believe it. Anyways, I do believe that I've used up my daily quota of commas for the day. (see above sentence) and will show you how unbelievably awesome my day was.

First, I made breakfast for Carlos. He was doing an overnight on Monday, and I wanted him to have a yummy breakfast in his tummy. O goodness, I made this sausage breakfast roll that was to DIE for. It had sausage, egg, cheese, all wrapped up in bread. It was so good. I brought along some fruits to make it more healthy. Carlos ended up eating the whole comment there.

Then, I decorated his car with window markers. (He called me later asking if I puked color on his car--the ice had melted away and he had no idea why.) Not to worry, I made sure I decorated his car while he was at class.

 Ain't he so handsome?

We decided on Red Lobster, but the wait was over 2 hours. We waited outside (and I gave Carlos his present I made). It was great to sit and reminisce. We killed a half hour that way. Then a guy came up to us and gave us his buzzer--he said that he should be called at anytime. We got called 5 minutes later. Instead of waiting 2 hours, we had to wait like 40! Score!
We went to Red Lobster for dinner. I got my favorite, snow crab. I told Carlos that was a meal that I had to eat in silence. It takes ultimate concentration to eat snow crabs! And I'm a sicker because I like to get all of the meat out and then eat it all once I've got it. My mom thinks it's disgusting.
 The bell tower lights are completely, totally flattering.
My lil monkey friend (that Carlos gave me last year) has a lil buddy now!
 Wine glasses and roses. Classy no?
Be warned, never get Izzie (soda) Pomegranate flavor. It's sick.
 I gave Carlos his gift in this box. It was a little book of memories that we've had and things that I love about him.
Aren't we a good looking couple?
 My weapons of choice when decorating cars. I highly recommend these. :)
 I found this lil' guy bright and early in the morning. With a rose and cherry chocolates--my favorite!

 I got my first piece of jewelry from Carlos. Let's not mention the fact this is a necklace I've had my eye on for a while. But it was still so sweet! 

we are a bunch of crazy kids. Carlos took me to the Bell Tower, where we had our first kiss, and he brought these fizzy drinks (since we had wine our first valentine's) and we got to drink it in fancy wine glasses--my absolute favorite!

So with a belly full of crab, and heart full of love, and lots and lots of kisses, I celebrated my anniversary with the man that I so love and adore.

Here's to many, many more!

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