Monday, February 20, 2012

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor. . .

I've got the Monday blues. I've got them bad. 
Even though I've got over 7 hours of sleep, I could hardly part from my warm, sweet bed. I have a love crush on my bed and I can never get enough of it. 

However, I got to see my bf early in the morning--a welcome treat. I even got to talk to my boss about the joys of Pinterest (when he caught me pinning) oooops...
Seriously, Pinterest was the greatest thing ever created. Props to the guys who came up with it. 

I got to celebrate Elan (my younger brother) and his day of birth! We went to Tucano's as a family. Can you say yum? I was particularly in love with their Teriyaki steak bites. And their grilled pineapple--naturally. 

Once Upon a Time is getting weird, but what can you expect from the creators of Lost? 

I'm content with where I am right now.
I'm ready for whatever things bring.
I'm not sure what that means.
But I'm ready.
Ready for newness.
Ready for people to stop glaring at me in my apartment.

Wanna know the surest way to get a roommate to hate you?
Get a boyfriend. 

I think I should write a book--I've done many a study on this subject.
The results?
Always the same.

Roommates think: don't trust the girl with the boyfriend.
Girl with the boyfriend thinks: why don't these roommates get lives?

It's a vicious circle.
Going round and round.

One cannot simply have roommates and a boyfriend. It's blasphemy.

It's been proven: 
BYU Girl Cannot Simply Have a Boyfriend
 and Content Roommates.

I've discovered this after 3 separate terms. 
Liberty Square
Canyon Terrace
The Colony

It's always been the same. Roommates are usually charming after the first couple of weeks. Everyone wants to be lovey dovey. Nothing anyone does is abnormally annoying. Until, the little things start to happen. Girls don't fight openly. It's all about being passive aggressive. Notes, notes, and more notes. Girls start to get jealous. I've noticed that it goes more quickly downhill when roommates have less social activities. It starts with a hostile note left on your window, or your cabinet. (No kidding). The less you are in the apartment, the more they want to murder. 

I've found that with my roommates, I've had to choose the bf over them. It gets annoying, and makes me sad we just can't all be happy. Instead of actually talking about it like a normal person would do, I will content myself with taking more than my side of the fridge (which annoys roommates to no end). Making sure that I always leave a mess. Slamming doors when I can. Leaving my stuff everywhere. Doing my laundry at 3 am. Playing weird hipster music. Kissing Carlos like I'll never kiss him again. Talking louder than necessary. Deciding to vacuum at 2 am. Laughing as loud as I can. Farting. Cooking really smelly foods. Leaving food to rot. Cackling on my phone. Shake my head and roll my eyes when a roommate comes in. (Believe it or not, this has all been done NOT by me). 

Last post about roommates. :) 
Can't promise that. 

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  1. Oh my GOSH, I am rolling on the flooor LAUGHING my butt off. I am at a study group, and found this so delightful I had to read it aloud. I think they thought you (or I) was crazy. FREAKING love. You can fart in my apt or cackle on your phone anytime you want.