Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love You...Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Last week was my birfday. 
Imma 23 years old!
What the...what? 
This year, I got married, got into business school, stayed at a job for a year. 
It's been a big year for me. And one I would never take back. 
We went to this new restaurant called The Black Sheep
It's like the best place I have eaten at in a long time. 
The place was unique, the food was to die for. 
Try it. 
Go. Now. 

Check out that awesome chandelier. 

I stayed at home to celebrate. 
I woke up to balloons strewn across our little place. 

I've got the best hubby hands down. 
Sorry ladies. 

And candy corn. 
Candy corn everywhere. 
A candy corn lovers dream. 

Flowers from the hubs. 
And a huge container vase of CC. 
And that giant cheeseburger looking thing?
It's a tortilla holder and it makes me laugh. 

Ah the CC. 

Carlos got me a lil' puppy. With a recording of his voice in it. :) I love it. 
I also got to spend time with my parents and siblings. (Elan leaves in less than a week!!!!)
I got some awesome workout pants, curling iron, a cute necklace, and my hubby tricked out our new car with cute seat covers!

Can't get enough. 

Red velvet cake. With ice cream. 
Fat kids delight. 

Goals for next year: 
Better position. 
A more nurturing wife. 

It was a good day. 
Got to spend time with my awesome family, and I realized how blessed I am. 
Gosh darn, life is awesome. 


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