Monday, October 1, 2012

This Weekend...

We work hard and play hard here in the Grandela household.
On Friday, Carlos fell asleep at 8 pm. Cool Friday night. Hubby needed it anyways, since he got like 4 hours the night before. I stayed up cleaning, and watching New Girl (yay for Fall premiers).

Saturday, I agreed to help Stacy cater an event at Good Wood at Rocky Mountain Raceway. That was a whole bucket of potato salad fun.

The delectable spread. 

These brownies were amazing, and one of the the things we ran out of first. 

This spread was really pretty. 

The raceway. 

See all the smoke? It was from jet cars...or something like that. They made this huge thumping sound (we thought T Rex was coming) and made the loudest noises screaming past. Some went up to 275 mph!

The Jelly Belly fire truck. It blew FLAMES out of the back! 

A racetime...and the moon was beautiful. 

A wonderful weekend concluded with a farewell, good food, lots of Good Wood, and time spent together. 

Happy Monday! 

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