Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Don't Watch Walking Dead, We Watch...

Vampire Diaries.

Teenish? Maybe.
But about a million times better than Twilight--and the jabs at Twilight are pretty good.

We definitely feel better about it though. Like, tons better about it.

Here's Why:

On Sunday, we were jumping outta our britches awaiting for the premier of The Walking Dead. Since we don't have cable (no self respecting married couple does), all we could do is watch the mini webisodes series. And since we didn't want to wait for gory zombie awesomeness, we watched the series.  (watch below if you dare)

and we about died. 

We weren't sure if the webisodes were especially gory or what--but we just barely handle watching all 5 of them. 

We concluded that while watching Walking Dead, we had become completely desensitized to the gore and violence. We did watch all two seasons in the span of a couple weeks. 

And now, with a little breather, we realized how yucky it made us feel. And don't get me wrong, I love the story line, and I want to find out what happens to Rick and his group, but I won't be able to watch anymore. Not to mention how when I showered later, I was beyond terrified that zombies would attack. 

From now on, we are going to have to settle for much more "vanilla" type shows. Sign me up for Parks and Rec, The Office, Modern Family, and Vampire Diaries. We don't do zombies here in the Grandela household. 

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