Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleanliness is Next to Managerliness

Ok, so if you read my last post, I was kind of being cryptic.

Well, I have just been promoted to content manager at PMA. I'll find out pay raise stuff tomorrow. :)

I am beyond stoked.

I really feel that I am going to learn some cool stuff, and I'll be able to use this wherever I go.

And we are totally going to celebrate at BW's tonight. I'm starving.


let me tell you how awkward it is to be trained by someone that is basically getting demoted. Serious buzz kill for that person. And not to mention, how everyone in the office is glad. Which doesn't make any sense. I still don't know why that person is here. But, I've actually never gotten a promotion before (I've never stuck around enough to get one). So really, life is looking up.

I want to be married already.
Invites are almost ready, and I'm psyched.
They are exactly what I wanted.

I can't even express how life is going right now.
I'm so happy, so blessed.


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