Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vernal, You Were Good to Us

Carlos and I ventured to Vern(hell) to see Cec off for her mission. 

Good times were had by all. 

All you need is a weekend to remember the good times, and realize how different life is for everyone. It was so fun to see Cec, but so sobering to realize how different our lives are going. 

One is going on a mission. To serve the Lord for 18 months. 

One is going to get married in the temple. 

Both are beyond excited for the life ahead of them. 
The good ol gang reunited! 
(almost) Sister Francisco! 
The open road. It was nice to be with Carlos and just drive. 
We must do this more often. 
Got to fill 'er up! 
Before we left, I stained my white shirt in a freak accident. My butt was wet the way up. Good thing it was hot! :) 
Good ol' Taco Bell. Too bad that their credit card machine was down. We were lit'rally searching for pennies. Maybe it was a good thing. 
Motzz sticks at midnight?
Yes please.

Cecilly, you are going to be an awesome missionary. 
I love you! :) 

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