Friday, June 15, 2012

Confession: I'm a Cursing, Reckless Fool

I believe in prayers.

I am an agressive driver.
The kind that can't be stuck behind an old person.
The kind that will sell her soul to get in the fast lane.
The kind that hasn't gotten a ticket since I got my license. (parking tickets don't count)
The kind that isn't afraid to use her horn.
The kind that might slow down to annoy someone.

I had a near death experience yesterday, well, it felt like it.
We were cruising along, to go see an apartment (which was horrendous by the way), when a guy cut out of a busy lane of traffic and went into ours. Not a huge problem, but when the idiot didn't even speed up, or stay in his lane, it resulted in me honking for 10 seconds, and having to slam on the breaks,  which resulted in a screeching halt. We were probably 1 inch away from hitting the car. I got really shaken up. It was terrifying. I even cried. But I cry about everything.

Yesterday, we were looking at apartments.
As my desperation rose, my thoughts became unfiltered.
I said a dirty word.

Is it too much to ask to find a reasonable apt that isn't somewhere gross, and you don't have to pay up the wazoo? I guess it is. I just want a place in a normal neighborhood, where I can feel comfortable where I am. Somewhere that I can go home to when Carlos is working late, or I have to stay home. I want somewhere that doesn't remind me of Arcadia, ick. Ugh. Stuffing 1 extremely smelly and big guy, and 1 dirty guy, and 3 guys that are never home into one place isn't the best idea. And at this point, Carlos is probably rolling his eyes. 

i love him very much. 
i'm excited for this weekend. 
i can't wait to see Cec. 

And just get out of Orem. 
36 days. 


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