Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happier than If I Was At Menchies

Ok, the post is titled, Happier than If I Was at Menchies. 
Menchies is a lesser than Yogurtland.

I bet tomorrow I will be happier than if I was at Yogurtland.
Which is a pretty big deal.

It's the type of emotion like when I found out I was going to get my MBA or when I was accepted to BYU, or getting a boyfriend, or getting your first kiss (getting engaged doesn't even count--it's in a class all by itself)

Menchies excitement is the sort when I get a job, or a small raise. Or holding hands for the first time.

I'm excited with how life is turning out.

I guess that it's hard to learn to have patience.
But mostly, you will be rewarded for having it.

I'll tell more of the good news tomorrow.
But, really, my life is going swimmingly right now.

I am up to my head in being busy with work and school, work is changing (for the better), and I am engaged to the most wonderful man ever.
Even if I have to hold off from making out with him, since the bishop said so. I'm glad he follows the rules though.

I'm really, really, really looking forward to seeing one of my best friends before she leaves on her mission.

I've pretty much decided there will be not so much sleeping and lots and lots of laughing and food-making.

Finals will be upon me in 3 weeks.
Bring it on.

Ps, The Bachelorette is such a great, guilty pleasure.
pps this blog is hilarious is you watch The Bachelorette

This post is rambly, and written horribly.
Pardon me.

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