Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jack the kitty kat

We found this cute lil' kitty cat the other day. 
It's adorable. 

I'm tired. 
I want to snuggle and be done with the day. 

I made french toast today. 
Today was not our best morning. 

But it's ok. 
I'm already looking forward to relaxing and being done. 

I need a break. 
I want another honeymoon. 

Good food and my hubby is all I need right now. 
I miss my hubbs. 
A lot. 

I'm tired of feeling less than I really am. 
Sometimes I'm pretty insecure. 
The hubbs things I'm silly, and I'm tired of fighting sometimes. 
We are so different. But so right for each other. 

He makes me so happy. 
And sometimes annoys the crap out of me. 
But that's life. 

Is is sad i'm excited to watch Bachelor Pad right now?
Don't be jealous. 

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