Thursday, January 6, 2011

I LOVE this. Want it. Love it. BE IT.

Happy New Years. Although I am a little behind in this posting, I have been struggling lately with things and so I haven't been able to really sit down and think about my goals and resolutions this year.

But first, what did I learn this year?

1) Marriage is something that will come--eventually. Even if you meet someone dandy, it CAN'T be the first thing that you think.

2) You can't think that boys(or anybody in that matter) can be perfect. If you do, you'll drive yourself crazy.

3) Relationships should be based on friendship first.

4) A successful relationship is where you can identify each others faults--and work on them together.

5) You will fail a class if you don't go--even if it's sewing

6) Friends can make or break you.

7) Growing up happens to everyone--you decide when it is you that is gonna be the BIG KID.

8) Tots are good

9) The people you least expect are the ones who always come through

10) Never judge people on first impressions--the people you are most skeptical about are usually the most awesome people

11) Smiling is good

12) Communication is key--to anything, DO NOT ASSUME THINGS

13) Girls are crazy--myself included.

14) Boys are dumb


16) kissing is something not to be given away freely

17) things happen for a reason

18) Make sure you really love your major

What did I do this last year?

1) Traveled to a foreign country

2) Got my first boyfriend

3) Wrote my capstone paper for my major

4) Worked at BYU catering--for two weeks

5) Figured out history is not something I want to do in my future

6) Too many DTRs to count

7) Went to at least one session of the two conferences in SLC

8) Started a blog

9) Had a valentine

10) Studied for the LSAT

11) met the families of a couple of my friends

12) GREW and GREW--not physically, but mentally

13) I now crave deep conversations (I have never had that before)

14) Lived without the internet for 6 weeks

15) Got my braces off

I really think that I have changed this year--for the better.

And what do I want to accomplish this year??

Complete all assignments on time.

Ask the professor if I don't get it

Don't put friends before homework--its ok to say no.

LSAT at least two hours a day


Study the scrips for 20 min a day (preferably in the morning)


Workout in the mornings--at least three times a week

Sweets--only on the weekends


Talk to people in my classes

Don't get mad about things more than 2 hours

Don't think about the past

Road-trip it up!

Here's to a new year and new aspirations. I want to break the mold I have set for myself this year. I want to be happy--no matter what happens to me. Because, life could always be worse.

Here's a clever thing that Cecilly and I thought of (we must have been high on tots)

Don't stop believin' in two-thousand and eliven!

(Doesn't exactly rhyme--but W)

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